February 15, 2017


Alice's visit to House of Hugo

You may have recently seen a lot of posts on our social media about Gibbs the golden retriever. He is currently undergoing a serious diet and lifestyle change which will hopefully enable him to lose 20kg in the next 8 weeks.


Gibbs is currently 20kg overweight, he put on weight through no fault of his owners - it was a total accident and misunderstanding of instructions on the back of Gibbs previous food packaging.

We are now going to be feeding Gibbs for the duration (and hopefully beyond) his weight loss transformation while Leon (owner of House of Hugo Dog Hotel) will be doing hydrotherapy with him every day for the next 8 weeks (the length of the programme). The 8 week programme is being followed and filmed by ITV and lots of local tabloids and magazines, this is in preparation for Leon's new TV show 'Leon T the Canine Gut Buster'. Dates to be confirmed. 

House of Hugo is a very popular doggy hotel in Shoreham by Sea run by Canine nutritionist and all round doggy mad Leon Towers, and it sounded just like my idea of heaven, hence I couldn't resist a visit!

When I arrived at House of Hugo the sound and smell of happy dogs instantly brought a smile to my face, these are both very familiar senses to me. Leon was waiting at reception and Gibbs was on his way to meet me. I peered through a huge glass window where I could see about 40 dogs all playing happily, I could see two members of staff happily engaging with all of the dogs who clearly adored them.

Once Leon, myself and Gibbs had all been introduced we took some pictures and Leon took me on a tour. This place is AMAZING, alongside the play areas and hydrotherapy pool the doggy hotel also have a number of beautifully furnished hotel rooms. By this point of my tour I was wishing I was myself a dog so I could lounge in the beautifully finished bedrooms which were no doubt, fit for a king.

Leon and I then got chatting about how dogs end up overweight and this really opened my mind, the owner is not ALWAYS at fault and like Gibbs, sometimes its a total accident by owner error.

I have every faith that Gibbs will lose the 20kg in 8 weeks, Leon really is a miracle worker. He is a firm believer in raw food and thinks Benyfit Natural is best. Leon and I share a real passion and love for dogs and can't wait to work together in the future to bring our passion alive through diet and hydrotherapy.

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February 03, 2017


A day in the life of our Managing Director.

Who are you and what is your role at BN?

My name is Greg and I am the Managing Director of Benyfit Natural. 



What does your typical day look like?

 I am usually up and out to the gym early doors before heading straight into the office. If I am not visiting some of our key accounts, I am working on how best to drive the business forward, through new product development, marketing strategy and sourcing the highest quality raw ingredients for our products. I am also on hand to support the team around me without whom we would not be the best at what we do.

What do you love most about working for BN?

I love that we are able to genuinely help people with their dogs, working in a close knit dynamic team that is constantly innovating motivates me. We are a family business and working with my Father is one of the greatest things, we come at things from different ends but we are always on the same page.


What's your favourite dog and why?

 I am a big fan of the Rhodesian Ridge Back. I think they are an incredible working dog and so beautiful they embody three things I stand by…. harder, faster, Stronger!



What would you say to anyone thinking about starting their dog on BN?

 You have just changed your dog’s life for the better! Not only are they now eating a biologically appropriate diet, they are getting human grade ingredients of the highest quality and a premium product. 


What is your biggest challenge to date?

 Every day brings new and exciting challenges, I cannot say one stands out, but I am always motivated by the fact that we have an extremely dynamic business that will constantly deliver exciting challenges on a daily basis. 





January 24, 2017


December 21, 2016

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How can I dispose of my Polystyrene Boxes?

We have recently been asked by some of our customers how best to 'dispose' of our Poly boxes! What better way to answer than with a blog?

Firstly if you would like to entirely 'get rid' of your poly box then it can be taken to your local Councils tip, from here they can be recycled. They can also go in your normal household rubbish. Unfortunately they cannot be recycled at your home.

At Benyfit Natural HQ poly boxes are used for all sorts of different purposes! Ranging from storage boxes to recycling bins! We have come up with a few different ways in which our boxes can be re used if you're stuck for ideas!

1. They can be used to grow tomatoes in (tried and tested at HQ). They are also great crocks for plants and help with drainage of excess water too.

2. Insulation - they can be used as 'cold frames' to protect your delicate plants! Similarly they can be used to keep your food hot or cold! We recently took a Poly box filled with food away with us, the food stayed frozen for 3 whole days! At the other end of the spectrum they can be used to keep food warm (of course they must be cleaned for this use). 

3. Get arty! The polystyrene makes a great foam board, it can be useful for a 'reminder' pin board and a great canvas if you're feeling extra arty!

4. Animal bedding, we were recently sent this picture from one of our Benyfit Buddies...

It turns out our Poly boxes make brilliant warm, safe and cosy beds for hedgehogs! 

Whatever it is you do with yours, be sure to send us pictures as we are always open to new ideas and we strive to make things as easy as possible for our amazing customers! 

October 13, 2016


Why do dogs eat grass? Written by Nick Thompson - Holistic Vet.

Dogs eat grass. They always have and they always will. It’s only really a problem if they do it to excess, to ‘graze’ like sheep, as some of my owners describe it. 


Why dogs eat excessive grass is a good question to which there are few concrete answers. My observations would be that dogs who graze almost always have some digestive issues and likely discomfort; I use it as a sign that I need to fix their diet or their gut or both. 


The first move for most dogs, after checking the dog is otherwise well with your vet, is to find a raw diet that suits them. This simple move can on its own settle the gut and stop the excess grass munching. Some dogs have intolerances to beef and chicken, so starting with a turkey based food, for example, for four weeks might be a good plan. Beware of treats. If you’re trying an elimination diet like this, it’s no good feeding your dog a beautiful raw diet of a selected protein if you then give them other proteins in treats like Bonios, tripe sticks, Dentastix or rawhide chews. If you’re feeding turkey, use turkey chunks or turkey wings for treats, for example. Bone broths can also be amazing in healing the unhappy digestive tract. 


If you’ve tried a few different proteins, each for at least a month, with correspondingly appropriate treats and the dog is still chomping the turf, then you may need to look a little further. Talk to your vet about probiotics (the supplements that seed the gut with ‘beneficial bacteria’). I don’t like veterinary probiotics because all the licensed products are limited to one bug Enterococcus faecium E1707, the only licensed bacterium for use in the veterinary market. The product I use is Bio-Kult, a human probiotic containing 14 different bacterial strains. I figure that a blunderbuss is better than a narrow spectrum approach when you don’t know exactly what’s up with the bugs in the gut. 


Some dogs, I’ve found, chew grass because they want more fibre/green material in their food. It’s worth adding a good lot of blended extra leafy green veg (spinach, cavalo nero cabbage or spring greens for example) for a while to see if this changes things. 


Next up is pancreatic enzymes. My logic is that everyone, including our dogs, produces a certain amount of pancreatic enzymes themselves. Some loads, some just enough to give good gut function and some too little. If it’s marked, we call this Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, a disease common in GSDs. If your dog’s not producing quite enough enzyme, then digestion may be affected further down the gut resulting in gas, bloating, pain and gurgling, among other things, so giving the pancreas a hand to optimise food breakdown can be a game changer. 


It’s really easy to buy good enzymes from places like Amazon. I use a product called Source Naturals Daily Essential Enzymes. I find these can really help, especially if problems come on at a certain quantity of food, but less with reduced serving size. Dose for most dogs is one with every meal, although smaller dogs would need less per meal. 


If you’ve tried all this diligently and the dog is still eating loads of grass, then they may be doing it just because they like it. Worth checking you do have a dog, not a sheep, though? 

September 14, 2016


Make The Switch

Why your dog may need a change in diet this holiday.

The car is packed, the roof rack is full and you have enough travel sweets to get you through the long journey ahead…to your holiday destination! How excited is the entire family feeling about saying goodbye to your home environment for a while, whilst you enjoy all that free time relaxing, exploring, resting and eating! 


Of course, a family holiday would be incomplete without bringing your faithful four-legged family member along, and you have even gone that extra mile for your dog’s health and found a pet store local to where you are staying that stocks Benyfit Natural (extra brownie points for you!).


Whilst the majority of us humans are nothing more than delighted when the time comes for a holiday break, your dog may be a little more discouraged than you might think.


Many dogs like routine; they know where home is, they know where they sleep, where they eat, where their local friends and where rivals live and what time their nemesis (AKA the postman) will be coming to their door. They know what time the family (AKA the staff) will be home and the routine of the day. Then, one day, your dog is put in to the car, excited about what s/he will be doing with their family, to find that they are many miles away from home. All of a sudden their routine has gone and all that is familiar to them.


Quickly, though, familiarity returns as, being the conscientious guardian (AKA butler) that you are for your dog, s/he feels a sense of home as you start to unpack the car and bring in your dog’s bed, toys, blanket, water bowl...and food!


You let your dog have a little explore in the area that is going to be home for a few weeks before feeding him. Your dog sees yet more routine; the same food and the same food bowl! But, as you put the bowl down, something very strange and very out of character for your dog may happen…he doesn’t eat!!!


Whilst this doesn’t happen to all dogs, there are many dogs that refuse to eat in the first few days of their family holiday. There may be a few reasons for this and one of them is due to a change in your dog’s environment.


At home, a dog is master of his environment because s/he has spent long enough there learning about where s/he lives, what dangers may be lurking around the corner (like, you know, your dog’s nemesis – AKA the postman) and how safe they feel. Your dog also gains an awful lot of information about other dogs living in the area (by smelling other dog’s wee and also poo!).


So, when your dog is now in a new location, s/he needs to spend some time learning about that new location and how safe they feel there. This may be for a few hours to a few days, although some dogs just don’t care at all. For those that do, just for a time until they begin to feel more comfortable, a dog may refuse to go to the toilet. The best way to do that is to not eat.


Now, we don’t want to bore you with the science, but the reason for this is because being in a new area means the dog has no idea of what other dogs or dangers are around. When a dog does go to the toilet it leaves information there for other dogs to register, almost like a pee-mail!


However, if your dog is uncertain about leaving his or her pee-mail out in the open, for other dogs to read and in a place that is unfamiliar to your dog, then you may find your dog to be unusually reluctant to eat his food.


If you have such a dog, then one of the things you can do is change his/her diet for one to a few days. No! This does not mean that you have to stop feeding raw (we wouldn’t allow that, would we!) but, instead, try feeding your dog Benyfit Natural’s Just Tripe for a couple of days and watch him/her gulp it down like normal.


Now, this is getting a little technical, but tripe will not make your dog’s poo and wee smell so pungent to another dog and have less information in it for another dog to read. Whilst your dog is getting to know the area, it may make your dog feel a lot more comfortable and willing to eat.


Of course, to support your dog’s changes in emotions, there are several alternative therapies that can help a dog feel more comfortable when in a new location. Adding to this list, we suggest you also consider how food may affect how your dog feels when in a new place and why simply giving your dog our Just Tripe may overcome his/her unwillingness to eat.  


For more information on feeding a raw food diet and advice please contact Benyfit Natural 01892 770188 or

September 14, 2016


How a dogs Diet can be related to their behaviour

There can be many different things that can affect a dog’s behavior however one that definitely stands out is diet. It is easy to change a dog’s diet and the results can be outstanding.

Kibble/dog biscuits tends to be high in carbs, low in protein and can be packed full of harmful chemicals. Dogs should be fed a Biologically appropriate diet; it is only in the last 100 years that we have started to feed them kibble but what has not been taken into account is the fact their digestive system is still the same as it was thousands of years ago, dogs stomachs are not designed to digest grain.

The meat that is generally used in kibble is ‘meal’ which is meat not fit for human consumption with only 5-10% moisture in comparison to 70% moisture in raw food. It is no wonder that some dogs end up with behavioral issues when they are not getting all the meat, nutrients and veg that they were designed to consume. Kibble is naturally grey however when you buy it, it is a darker brown colour meaning manufacturers are actually using dye in their products. There is plenty of information relating bad behavior to food colouring in humans but it is now thought to be linked to bad behavior in dogs too.

There are so many reasons why feeding Raw is best but in regards to dogs behavior I would like to give my own story of a dog whose life was changed by Benyfit Natural Raw food.

Spot was rescued by a close friend of ours at Benyfit Natural and she was quite a nervous wreck, she was very thin and would not allow men to come near her. She would snap at young children or anyone who touched her ears and she was a generally a very unhappy dog. We swapped her to Benyfit Natural Raw food as we knew that it would help her to sustain a healthy weight but we were also confident that her behavior would be improved with our raw food diet. The changes in her were remarkable, not only did her coat become visibly shinier she now sustains a perfect weight and is no longer nervous or scared of men. She is a completely different dog, 6 months later and you would not recognize her, we did not change anything else in her life other than the food she eats and a bit more love and attention.


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