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The Benefits of Raw Dog Food

At Benyfit Natural we truly believe that raw dog food is the best, most nutritious and beneficial diet for your dog.

Many dog owners are now starting to see and hear about the benefits and advantages that a raw food diet can have for their dog.

Raw food experts, vets and canine nutritionists now recommend raw food for dogs to overcome medical, physical and behavioural issues and owners are reaping the benefits of their dogs 100% natural diet.

The physcial, behavioural and medical benefits of a 100% natural raw dog food has been researched for many years, with raw dog food becoming increasingly popular and more convenient for owners over the past 10 years.

We started making our own raw dog food almost 10 years ago, to improve the performance, health and recovery of our working dogs. Very quickly the benefits than Benyfit Natural food had was impossible to ignore. Everything from their steadiness when competing, their stamina and recoverty time got better with every season. Since then, not only did we continue to help our dogs, but also thousands of others across the UK, and daily we receive messages from owners who cannot believe the impact that Benyfit Natural has had on their dog, from small wins like less smelly poo, to huge life-changing improvements to sore skin.

Managable Poo

Raw dog food is highly nutritious, so your dog absorbs much more of the nutritional goodness in raw compared with dry dog food. This means their poo is often smaller, firmer due to the bone content and is much less smelly.

Stabalised Energy

Dogs do not biologically or nutritionally need carbohydrates, so we include no grains, potato or fillers in any of our raw dog food recipes. This means that energy is released slowly after eating, resulting in a calmer temperament and no more after dinner zoomies.

Improves Immune System

Raw dog food is rich in fatty acids and immune-boosting nutrients. Our complete recipes include raw vegetables and herbs which are high in natural antioxidants. This results in your dogs digestive and immune system working better, improving overall health.

Reduced Skin Conditions

Raw fed dogs are less likely to develop food based allergies. Allergies can cause itchy feet, sore spots, alopecia or ear infections. You can carefully manage your dog allergies through elimination of proteins, resulting in a dog with clearer skin.

Shiny Coat & Softer Fur

Raw dog food provides your dog with superior nutritional benefit, and this is reflected in the quality of their coat. Many dog owners noticed within just a couple of weeks of switching to raw that their dogs coats are softer, shinier and overall more healthy.

Weight Management

The lack of carbohydrates in raw dog food means owners feeding raw dog food find quicker and easier to manage their dogs weight when they may need to lose or gain. With raw dog food you can easily adjust their daily feed or switch to higher or lower fat proteins.

Improved Digestion

Raw, natural dog food is easier on your dog's stomach. With no unnecessary added ingredients, no carbohydrates or sugars in any of our recipes you'll find your dogs stomach very rarely become unsettled.

Fresher Breath & Clean Teeth

Diets high in processed carbs often lead to plaque and bad breath. With raw dog food, ingredients are 100% natural, there's no hard chomping or chewing so no remnants of food left on the teeth to decay.

Improved Mobility

Carbohydrates contribute to joint inflammation. All our recipes have a low carb load, which will help to manage their inflammation response. Our raw food recipes contain bone which is high in calcium keeping joints strong.

What makes our raw dog food different to dry dog food?

The raw ingredients we include in every recipe contain natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids and the nutritional benefit of these are reduced when they're cooked.

All food types, other than 100% raw food, will have the nutritional value altered in some way.

Dry dog food, which is cooked at extremely high temperatures alters the compsure of the raw ingredients and often these have to be replaced through unnecessary added ingredients. With dry dog food ingredients lists will often be lengthy and complicated.

At Benyfit Natural our raw dog food ingredients labels are simple and only include ingredients you'll recognise and nothing is ever done to alter them from their original state outside of mincing.

You'll also never find any 'filler' ingredients that typically the first and majority content in dry dog food, such as potato ang grains as these are needed to bind dry food together. Dog's have no nutritional or biological need for carbohydrates, so we include zero grains or fillers in any of our raw dog food recipes.

Raw dog food ensures your dog gets 100% of the nutritional beneift of all our ingredients, combinted with a high moisture content & delicious natural taste.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...


"We had months of not knowing why Bertie has such itchy sore feet. He would gnaw them raw. Eventually we moved onto Benyfit Natural and they recommended an elimination diet. We now have all his allergies under control - with no more itching and clear skin!"


"We started our raw feeding journey in 2020. Nahla loves every single protein Benyfit do. Since we moved to only Benyfit Natural we've noticed a shine to her coat, her teeth are pristine and her body condition is perfect. Nahla thrives off raw and even more so Benyfit Natural."

Rodney + Mabel

"We use the 80-10-10 recipes to help with Rodneys allergies, and it's eased his itchy skin. The variety of proteins keeps them interested, licking the bowl clean every day. They are full of energy + love their lives on raw dog food."


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