About Us

Working Dog food made by dog lovers

We started making hand-made raw working dog food for our own dogs at home, food they still eat today. And as dog lovers, we wanted to give them the  best complete raw dog food with all the nutrition they need for a healthy life.

Natural dog food they would eat in the wild

We're passionate about the health of working dogs and the benefits it can bring to your dog. That’s why there’s nothing artificial in our complete dog food solution, it's completely nutritionally balanced from puppy to adult.

100% natural - 0% artificial

  • Bone
  • Muscle meat
  • Vegetables
  • Offal
  • Kelp
  • Eggs
  • Herbs
  • Flax seed oil

100% happy, healthy dogs

A raw dog food diet can transform your dog’s physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing. You’ll see dramatic improvements in your dog's health and happiness.

  • Balanced energy levels
  • Healthy skin and a shiny soft coat
  • Improved digestion and smaller stools
  • Cleaner teeth and better smelling breath
  • Better immunity
  • Less allergies
  • Less itching and licking
  • Less health issues
  • Easier weight management

Here to help you and your dog

We've built an exceptional Customer Service team to support you and your dog. Our dog owners are pretty happy too! Read some of their kind testimonials here.

Just 3 steps to a happy, healthy dog

It’s easy to switch your dog to a raw dog food diet and in just 3 steps — so your dog will be happier and healthier.


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