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A Guide To Benyfit Natural Raw Dog Food: Delicious, Nutritious and Satisfying

So, you want to raw feed your furball and you know that Benyfit Natural sells the very best yummy raw dog food with a large selection of ranges and recipes, but for newcomers it might present a bit of an overwhelming choice when it comes to choosing the 'right' raw food for your woof.

Help is at hand, here is a guide into what goes into the different ranges we offer that will aid you in making the right raw fed decision for your pet.

The Benyfit Natural raw dog food range is heaven in a bowl to your woof. Our complete meals contain everything your dog needs. They are wholesome, nutritionally balanced, and made with sustainably sourced and human-grade ingredients.

Our delicious ranges of raw dog food for adult dogs include the meaty 80 10 10 selection, Working Dog and World Explorer. All contain 0% fillers, grain or cereals, and 100% nutritious deliciousness. There is a recipe for every dog!

80 10 10 Meat Feast Range

80 10 10 Beef Meat Feast Adult Raw Working Dog FoodShown above - 80*10*10 Beef Meat Feast Adult Raw Working Dog Food

Packed full of meat: 80% raw prime cuts of fresh human-grade meat, 10% bone, 10% offal and no vegetables. The *80 *10 *10 Meat Feast range is perfect for all adult dogs but particularly good for those who suffer from allergies, itchy skin, hotspots, and yeast intolerances.

The *80 *10 *10 raw dog food range is based on the prey model of feeding which resembles a wild animal’s diet as closely as possible. Dogs are carnivores and this method means they are fed whole prey. If they were in the wild, that would be a diet of skin, muscle meat, bones, offal, connective tissue, feathers, hide or hair as it comes, not processed in any way.

We mimic this in our *80 *10 *10 meals, except the ingredients are chopped up for easier storage and packaging.

Complete Adult Working Dog Food

Premium Blend Complete Adult Raw Working Dog Food Shown above - Premium Blend Complete Adult Raw Working Dog Food

A high percentage of human-grade meat mixed with vegetable-based vitamins and minerals:  80% fresh meat, bone and offal, 20% fresh vegetables and botanicals. The Working Dog range is carefully balanced and complete.

This range of Complete Adult Working Dog Food is based on the BARF method – biologically appropriate raw dog food – which, like the prey method, mirrors an ancestral dogs’ wild diet. The difference is that vegetables and minerals are also included.

In the Benyfit Natural Working Dog range we use vegetables such as broccoli and carrot, as well as egg and botanicals to deliver minerals.

World Explorer Raw Dog Food

World Explorer raw dog foodShown above - World Explorer raw dog food range

The newest Benyfit Natural product range is World Explorer raw dog food. The four recipes contain the same balance of ingredients as the Working Dog range but feature novel proteins that your dog might not usually get to sample.

Alongside Welsh Lamb, the World Explorer recipes include buffalo, kangaroo and zebra.

All Benyfit Natural meals are available frozen in 500g and 1kg BPA-free resealable tubs. The tubs and sleeves are made from 100% recycled material and are 100% recyclable.

They are designed to neatly and conveniently stack in the freezer and are easy to serve.


We have made it as easy as possible for you to order your woof’s favourite food. You can buy direct from our website, call our Customer Services Team on 01892 770188 or join our subscription service and never run out of food!

You will receive 20% off your first three orders as well. And we are currently offering free delivery on all orders over 6kg.  

If you have any questions about any of the Benyfit Natural range of raw dog food, please don’t hesitate to call our Customer Services Team.


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