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Raw Dog Food Calculator

Our raw dog food calculator is designed to help you feed your dog or puppy the right amount of raw food daily.

Simply enter a few details about your dog to discover how much Benyfit Natural raw dog food they will need each day.

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Complete Raw Dog Food

Complete recipes are nutritionally balanced for your dog with meat, bone, offal and vegetables.

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80-10-10 Raw Dog Food

Pefect for dogs with allergies or for DIY raw feeders, our
80-10-10 recipes have just meat, bone and offal.

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Puppy Raw Dog Food

Made with a finer mince for smaller mouths, our puppy recipes also have added Verm-X for natural gut health.

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How Much Raw Food Should I Feed My Dog?

Raw food is calculated asa a percentage of your dogs total body weight. We recommend daily feeding 2-3% of your dogs body weight.

When feeding raw dog food you should consider your dogs weight, age, breed and actvity level. You also need to understand whether your dog needs to lose, gain or maintain weight.

Puppies are growing quickly, so need bigger portions to help them grow, with most having 3 meals a day. Senior dogs may require less food because they are less active and therefore burning less calories per day. Our raw dog food calculator has an option for both adult dogs and puppies, so you can be sure you're feeding the right amount.

If you're unsure of your dog’s weight, weigh yourself first and then (if you can) pick up your dog, weigh yourselves together and work out the difference. Enter their weight and their weight goal and we'll give you our recommendation for how much raw food to feed per day. We've created a guide to check whether your dog is overweight, underweight, or just right: Checking The Ideal Dog Weight For Your Pet's Breed.

Remember that this is only a guide and you may need to reduce or increase it for your dog’s specific needs as they grow, if their activity levels change or if their weight changes.

What Factors Impact How Much Raw Food I Should Feed My Dog?

Just like people, not all dogs are the same, which means when deciding how much raw dog food to feed your dog you may want to consider other health and environmental impacts.

• Your dogs exersise level.
Working dogs are likely going to be exersising a lot more than a typical household pet, if your dog is active throughout the day, you may want to adjust the recommended feeding amount to ensure they are getting enough food. Equally, if your dog does exersise frequently, for example if they are older or have joint problems, you may want to reduce their meals.

•Your dogs breed.
Our raw dog food calculator provides a recommended allowance based on your dogs age and weight but you may want to also consider your dogs breed when deciding how much food they have each day. Some dogs are genetically predisposed to obesity, which means they may be more likely to gain weight quicker. The can be managed through portion control, treat management and regular exersise.

•Whether your dog has been neutered.
After a dog has been neutered they stop producing certain hormones, which can in some cases lead to weight gain. This can be managed by reducing your dogs calorie intake after surgery either through portion control or reducing the volume of treats per day. We recommend keeping a record of your dogs weight after neutering to ensure that they are not significantly gaining or losing weight and to manage this through increasing or reducing their daily food allowance.

Why Is It Important to Feed Your Dog the Right Amount of Raw Food?

It is very easy to overfeed dogs... we all know a dog that would keep eating if we let it!

Every dog is different and may need more or less food than another dog of the same breed. We always recommend using our raw food calculator to detemine how much food your dog needs per day. This will help you know that you're not over-feeding or under-feeding your dog and help you know how much raw dog food to order.

Feeding Benyfit Natural, as a natural raw dog food that is made from high quality human-grade meat and is nutritionally rich and balanced, will mean your dog needs less of it compared to processed foods. If you are also giving your lots of dog treats and bones, be sure to factor these into their daily food quality, as regulary feeding too many treats can lead to unwanted weight gain.

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