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Raw Dog Food Calculator

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Using the online dog food calculator

The Benyfit Natural Online Raw Dog Food Calculator is designed to help you feed your dog the right daily amount of raw food. It’s important not to overfeed or underfeed your dog, and it’s difficult to be led by your dog as to how much to raw food to feed them – we probably all have experience of dogs who would eat until they burst!

The raw food calculator will give you a guide amount of raw dog food to feed over the course of a day, to be split into meals accordingly. You may have to increase or decrease this for your own dog’s specific needs and routine. The quantity of food and frequency of meals will also differ from puppies to adult dogs to seniors.

You can also choose a 'dietary goal' and maintain the perfect weight for your dog if you feel they might require this.

How Much Raw Food Should I Feed My Dog?

It depends on many factors... You need to consider your pets size, weight, breed, age, metabolism, and if you want your dog to lose, gain or maintain their weight. Puppies require more food spread across more meals and senior dogs may require less food because they are less active. Our raw dog food calculator has an option for both adult dogs and puppies, so make sure you select the right one.

All you need to know to use our Raw Dog Food Calculator is your dog’s weight (and age if you have a pup). If you haven’t been to the vet recently and are unsure of your dog’s weight, weigh yourself first and then, if you can pick up your dog, weigh yourselves together and work out the difference. Pop in their weight in KGs, select whether you want them to lose, maintain or gain weight and you will see the recommended daily allowance of raw food for your dog. 

Remember that this is a guide amount and you may need to reduce or increase it for your dog’s specific needs. If you are unsure about whether your dog is overweight, underweight, or just the right size, then have a look at this useful article for Checking The Ideal Dog Weight For Your Pet's Breed.

Why is it important to feed your dog the right amount of food?

It is very easy to overfeed dogs: Do they even have a ‘full’ indicator?
Every dog is different and may need more or less food than another dog of the same breed. We would always recommend your use our food calculator. Not only will it help you work out how much to feed your dog each day, but it will help you to calculate how much raw dog food you need to order.

If you are switching to a natural raw dog food is that it is made from high quality human-grade meat and is nutritionally rich and balanced, so your dog will need less of it compared to processed food. If you are also giving your dog treats and bones, be sure to count these in the total day’s food quantity as too many treats can make a difference to your dog’s ideal weight. 

If you have any questions about raw feeding or how much raw food to feed your dog or to learn more about our 100% natural raw dog food recipes, please call our friendly Customer Services team on 01892 770188 or email  who will be happy to help.

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