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We are experts in raw feeding, so if you need any advice on making a transition to raw feeding, or have any concerns or questions about our products we're always happy to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Benyfit Natural raw dog food?

Benyfit Natural is a nutritious,
100% natural Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (“BARF”) raw food for dogs. Our
recipes are made with the highest quality ingredients, with ranges to cover
complete diets and 80-10-10 raw food diets.

We also have a range of natural and nutritious air-dried treats, bones, and
natural supplements to ensure your dog is happy and healthy.

To learn more about Benyfit
Natural click here.

Why should I choose Benyfit Natural?

We’ve been making raw dog food since 2014, so we know we’re the experts compared when it comes to pet
nutrition and understanding raw dog food. We only use the best ingredients, human-grade meat and we make all our food in small batches in East Sussex.

We test all our food regularly, all our raw material regularly and adhere to the strictest health and safety
regulations when preparing your dog’s food.

Learn more about Benyfit Natural and why you should choose us here.

Is raw feeding safe?

Similarly, to humans eating raw meat, raw feeding is perfectly safe if all hygiene protocols are followed. Ensuring you wash your hands, surfaces and utensils after serving your dog’s food and making sure to keep their bowl and the area they eat clean.

How much raw food do I need toorder for delivery?

Our minimum order weight for home delivery on any frozen products is 6KG of food. This can be made up of either
our 1KG tubs, 500g tubs, raw bones, or a combination of these. This is to ensure that your food arrives with you frozen.

If you do not have enough storage across your fridge (defrosted food can be stored up to 3 days) and freezer combined, then we suggest you visit a local stockist where you can buy
smaller volumes. Find your nearest Benyfit Natural stockist here.

How long does delivery take?

If your order any of our raw food or frozen bones Monday – Thursday before 1pm our delivery is next day as
standard with DPD for all raw food.

If you are ordering treats or supplements only, with no frozen products, you can choose between our next day
or standard tracked service with Royal Mail. If ordered Monday – Friday before m these will be delivered either next day or within 3 working days depending on the service selected.

Orders placed after 1pm will be dispatched the next working day and we do not dispatch any orders on weekends.

For more details on our shipping options and dispatch times click here.

How do I make a compliment or complaint?

We love to hear feedback from our customers, whether it's a happy dog that's benefited from Benyfit Natural or there's something wrong with your delivery or product.

Please ensure complaints are sent directly via email to or we are called as soon as possible after your delivery.

In some cases we may refund your order or items in your order if we deem them to be unsatisfactory, however there are cases we would not process a refund.

Reasons we will not process a refund or return:

  • My dog doesn't like it...

If your dog is raw fed there is very little reason they won't enjoy Benyfit Natural raw food. If you're unsure we'd recommend trying to try a couple of packs from a local stockist before ordering online.

  • My dog has an upset stomach...

Dogs get poorly tummies for many reasons, from picking things up on walks, contracting from another dog or having a treat that didn't agree with them. We can advise on next steps to care for your dog.

  • The meat smells or looks different...

All meat will smell different and will be a slightly different colour based on the age of the animal and the season. Some proteins are stronger in smell (tripe for example) and all meat does have a 'smell'. If the food has been defrosted a few days it may smell, which is why we recommend feeding within 4 days of defrost, sooner if possible.

We test to the highest standards, all raw materials is tested and we create in batches so will be able to check your batch if there's any problems. If we identify an issue with the batch or receive multiple complaints about a single batch we will refund and replace.

  • Big pieces of bone...

We create our minces to be chunkier (exc. senior and puppy). This means they go through a larger plate than some other brands. Depending on the protein the texture will vary, for example poultry items are typically smoother than game meats and 80-10-10 recipes. We will need a photo to show the bone content included and based on our standard will determine whether these are larger than we'd intended.

  • Defrosted due to parcel not being collected...

We deliver with DPD and our good are perishable. DPD will let you know when they deliver and if you are not home the items will be left. We recommend being home or stipulating a safe place. If items defrost due to being left outdoors we are unable to provide a refund. This is especially essential to be aware of during hot weather.


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