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A Girl’s Best Friend: Spotlight on an NHS COVID-19 Frontline Doggy Parent

Darcy Fletcher is an NHS Paramedic, one of the many brave healthcare professionals working on the frontline of the COVID-19 outbreak. She lives at home in Essex with her parents and three dogs, Mavis the Pug, Diesel the French Bulldog and Silver the Cane Corso.

Darcy is currently self-isolating and hasn’t been able to see anyone or leave her room, other than to use the bathroom. She was very happy to chat to us about what her dogs mean to her.

We were fortunate to have Darcy spare some of her precious time ask her a few questions about how she is dealing with the stress of the Coronavirus outbreak and dealing with being separated from her beloved woofs.

Here's what Darcy had to say:


Q: Why are your dogs so important to you? - "They really are my best friends. After a long shift, I can’t wait to get home to their love and cuddles. After so much human contact in my job, it’s good to have a different kind of contact. They are always pleased to see me, can tell when I’ve had a particularly difficult shift and never fail to make me smile."

Q: Has coronavirus affected you and your dogs? - "I’m lucky that I live with my parents so it’s almost normal for Mavis, Diesel and Silver, except that they can’t see me. Being in self-isolation has made me appreciate how much I enjoy being able to go out whenever I want. I think a lot of us will realise just what we take for granted. It’s a bit of a reality check, time to stop and be grateful for what we have and how much we can do".

Q: It must be tough not seeing them at the moment. - "It’s really difficult. It’s not fair on my mum and dad if the dogs keep coming in and out of my room so I haven’t seen them at all. I know they are getting as much love as ever and all their walks. But if there’s ever been a time when I could really do with seeing them, it’s while I’ve been in self-isolation. They are such good company."

Q: Do you feed your dogs with raw dog food? - "Yes. My parents own Embark on Raw, a natural dog food shop in Billericay, Essex. We have raw fed all our dogs for over 20 years and they absolutely love it. Mavis, in particular, would probably eat a week’s worth of food in one go. She’s a bit greedy!" 


Thank you so much to Darcy for talking to us. We wish you all the best during your self-isolation and we speak for everyone when we say a massive thank you for all that you do, particularly right now. We know Mavis, Diesel and Silver will be over the moon to be reunited with you soon.

Woofs and kisses xx

Spotlight on an NHS COVID-19 Frontline Doggy ParentDarcy's woofs (from left to right) - Diesel, Mavis & Silver.


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