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Planet Friendly Packaging

We know the impact that producing pet food has on our planet, so we've committed to reducing our impact as much as possible wherever we can.

Not All Plastics Are Bad...

We've looked at all options when it comes to packaging our delicious raw dog food recipes and we've not found a solution that works quite as well as plastic. Perfect for neatly stacking and saving space plus plastic keeps your dogs food fresher for longer.

However not all plastics are bad... we've worked with the team at Prevented Ocean Plastics (POP) to create a tub made from recycled plastic collected from coastlnes across the globe, that would have otherwise polluted our oceans. These tubs are made from 100% recycled materials, and are 100% recyclable.

Now you can feel guilt free when you pop our plastic tubs into the freezer on delivery day.

What is Prevented Ocean Plastic?

Prevented Ocean Plastic™ are the biggest programme of their kind, collecting plastic from coastal areas most at risk of polluting the ocean.

Over 1000 tonnes of plastic is prevented from polluting the ocean every month!

They provide support and employment for thousands in local communities across the globe too.

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100% Recyclable Treats

With our latest product launch we made sure that all the packaging was resealable for ongoing freshness but also 100% recyclable in your household recycling bin.

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Still Have Questions?

Why don't you use plastic collected from the ocean?

Unfortunately once plastics enter the water, there is very little that can be done to make them durable enough to be suitable to package our raw food.

Sun and salt water degrade plastic within a few days, which typically leave it unable to be recycled. Plastics collected from our oceans is typically done to preserve our ocean beds and protect wildlife.

Prevented Ocean Plastics (POP) ensures less plastic ends up in our oceans, contributing towards a circular economy.

What do you do as a business to be more sustainable?

As a business we make every effort to reduce waste in the day-to-day running of our production, but to also ensure staff are making efforts whenever possible to make sustainable choices.

We strive to have zero waste of product through utilising all manufactured goods, whether that's through staff utilising damaged tubs of food and test tubs of food or donating to local charities.

We recycle whenever possible with packaging that comes into our building but also ensure we're recycling food waste and all other waste too.


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