December 04, 2019


Talking Premium RAW Pet Food Manufacturers With Greg Van Praagh & Benyfit Natural

Greg Van Praagh, MD for one of the leading premium raw pet food manufacturers in the UK, Benyfit Natural, is interviewed by From Wags To Riches for an audio podcast ('Dogcast') on their dog-centric website.

Greg talks about the journey that led him to his current position handling the day-to-day running and expansion of a raw dog food manufacturing company and looking forward to becoming Chairman of the Pet Food Manufacturers Association.

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Know Why High Quality All Natural Dog Food Is Worth The Money

Pet parents know that the health of their beloved dogs is a top priority and feeding premium natural quality dog food is the best way to to ensure good health.

But do you know what makes it worth the cost? Read on to find out why buying and feeding exceptional dog food is well worth it!

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November 07, 2019


Yeast Infection In Dogs | No More Itchy Skin

Yeast Infection In Dogs No More Itchy Skin

There is one thing that can be very distressing for dogs and for their owners, yeast infection. It can cause smelly and itchy skin on your dog and can be very tricky condition to treat. 

So what do you do and how do you treat it? Continue reading to find out what one of our customers did during her long journey to cure Mini, her 7 year old Miniature Dachshund.

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Natural Dog Food | Debunk The Myths & Get Healthier Dogs

Natural Dog Food Debunk The Myths

Choosing the best pet food can be a daunting task with so many suppliers scattered all over the UK and so many false opinions about what makes the best pet food.

Finding the best food for your pet becomes a lot easier if you can debunk the common myths surrounding pet food and this article does just that by examining four of the most common myths

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October 28, 2019


Dogs and Fireworks - 10 Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe

Dogs and Fireworks

With Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night almost here, at Benyfit Natural HQ we have been thinking one step ahead of the game... It really is not long until the evening skies will be filled with ariel light displays accompanied by the sounds of loud bangs and explosions.

Although it can be an exciting time for us, it can sometimes be less exciting for our furry friends!

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Seeking A Natural Dog Food Brand? Know the Indicators Of High Quality Pet Food

Know the Indicators Of Quality Pet Food

If you are planning to feed healthy, high quality pet food to your dog and you are looking for a superior dog food brand, how do you determine if the manufacturer you are choosing offers holistic food? Spotting the difference between high quality raw dog food and one that is not so good can be difficult. 

However, there is one way you can always spot the real difference. Read on to learn what you should look for while choosing a quality dog food brand.

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Say Yes To Holistic Natural Dog Food & Feed Your Pup A Balanced Diet

What Is Holistic Natural Dog Food

Wondering if turning to holistic natural dog food can be the right solution? Did your veterinarian recently recommend you to feed a better quality food to your dog? Are you on the lookout for food brands that cater to the individual physiological needs of your pet? These are all important questions, but they can leave you asking '"what is the difference between natural, organic and holistic dog food?" 

Read on to find out why choosing natural and quality dog food can be the ideal way to feed your dog a completely balanced meal.

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