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Meet The Benyfit Natural Team

We were founded as a family business and it's important to us to keep that feeling as we grow. We have a fantastic team of fun, creative, enthusiastic and passionate people who all do their bit everyday to make Benyfit Natural the best.

We create all our products from curating recipes, sourcing ingredients, manufacturing, markting, packing and distributing, so we have a varied team that cover every department. If you think you'd be a great fit for Benyfit Natural, see our latest vacancies here.

Greg Van Praagh


Greg heads up the Benyfit Natural team and is passionate about growing the business, developing responsible raw feeding and creating new and innovative product ranges to suit the needs of all dogs.

Favourite Breed: Labrador
Favourite Food: Aged Ribeye
Favourite Place: Woodland walks with the dog
Fun Fact: I came third on Come Dine With Me... I was robbed!

Angie Vater

HR Business Partner

Angie plays a vital role in keeping the office functioning. She makes sure everyone is happy day to day and helps with bringing new people into the Benyfit Natural team.

Favourite Breed: West Highland White
Favourite Food: Roast Dinner
Favourite Place: Sands River, Tanzania
Fun Fact: I love Wales & spend a week there in spring helping with lambing.

Maddie Martin-Binks

Key Account Manager

Maddie works with all our big key accounts to make sure you can get your dogs food in the places you shop. She also works on new product ranges, trade shows & marketing.

Favourite Breed: Great Dane
Favourite Food: Sushi
Favourite Place: Jersey, Channel Islands
Fun Fact: I'm currently training for my private pilots license

Emma Lewry

Field Sales

Emma looks after all our independant pet food stockists. She's out on the road making sure that Benyfit Natural is stocked in a pet shop near you!

Favourite Breed: Labrador
Favourite Food: Pizza
Favourite Place: Bed
Fun Fact: I can drink 5 cups of coffee in an hour!

Sally Hayler

Digital Marketing

Sally looks after our websites, amazon & digital marketing activity to help more people learn about raw feeding & discover Benyfit Natural.

Favourite Breed: Airedale
Favourite Food: Chocolate
Favourite Place: Lake District
Fun Fact: In my spare time I travel anywhere I can with my 2 dogs in our roof top tent.

Andrew Lewis

Technical & Operations Manager

Andy heads up our operations team, working on logisitcs, manufacturing, planning & purchasing. He's a stickler for specifics, which is great as he manages all our product testing too.

Elijah Hampson

Customer Service

Eli is the happy voice you'll hear on the end of the phone. He spends his day helping people learn more about raw feeding, sorting your orders and sorting any issues too.

Favourite Breed: Boxer
Favourite Food: Chocolate
Favourite Place: Greece
Fun Fact: The splits is my party trick!

Marcin Szczepanski

Warehouse Manager

Marcin manages our factory & warehouse team. Making sure we have enough people picking & packing your orders as well as enough people making our raw food too.

Benyfit Natural Taste Testers


Labrador | Age: 1

Isla belongs to our Field Sales Rep Emma. She's a huge bundle of fun, energy & always looking for a snack. She loves her days at Benyfit Natural HQ as there's always something that needs taste testing!


Cockapoo | Age: 1

Bertie comes into the office twice a week and spends at least 7 of his 8 hours asleep under Mum, Sally's desk. He's a huge raw food success story, since switching he's stopped getting ear infections & has no more itchy feet!

Lettie & Bea

Mini Dachshunds | Age: 1 & 2

The two little sisters of the office, Lettie & Bea belong to Maddie (and have 2 Great Dane big sisters). They may be small but they're always first in line if there are treats to be tested!


Jackawawa | Age: 5

The friendliest office dog, Buster is always ready to jump onto your lap and have a mid meeting cuddle. He belongs to Andy, Head of Operations, so is always getting to sneak samples home for his dinner!

Want to join the team?

If you're passionate about pets, pet nutrition and working in a growing and exciting business then we want you to join our team!



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