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Meet The Benyfit Natural Expert Panel

Here at Benyfit Natural we take our mission of creating the best possible raw dog food very seriously.

We don’t just put ingredients together that we think will taste good.

We seek the best possible advice for nutritional food for you dog and tap into the experience of our trusted expert panel.

We take the time to research the level and type of nutrition dogs need in their BARF diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) and we know our dog food meets these requirements and more. We've seen the evidence in the health and wellbeing of our customers' dogs and know from the experts that it works.

Because they tell us!

A big part of our research includes consulting specialists on everything we do, from new recipes, to food production and delivery. And we pass on their specialist know-how to you, our customers.

Our expert panel comprises Vicky Lawes, a canine behaviour practitioner; Dr Isla Fishburn, a canine wellness coach; Ross McCarthy, a canine behaviour consultant and trainer; Inger Alexanderson, a dog training expert; and Julia Langlands, a holistic canine behaviour consultant. You can read more about them in their profiles below.

Vicky Lawes (Canine Behaviour Practitioner)

Vicky Lawes (PETbcAdvDip MCFBA) is a Canine Behaviour Practitioner who owns and runs a dog training and behaviour consultation business. She is a full member of the Canine & Feline Behaviour Association, Vice Principal and senior tutor for the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training (CIDBT), and a Master Trainer with the Guild of Dog Trainers. Vicky's qualifications include a National Dog Training Instructors Certificate, an Advanced Canine Behaviour and Psychology Diploma with the Pet Education Training & Behaviour Council, as well as an honours pass with the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers.

Vicky helps dog owners enjoy content, well-behaved dogs through training and behavioural advice. She is a safety and training advisor for the Dog Safety Education Executive, DogSEE, and has been closely involved with DogSEE, Royal Mail and the Kennel Club in running training days for council workers, schools and housing associations. She also visits other dog training classes to help with their training processes.

Adele Fitzpatrick (Holistic Veterinarian)

Adele Fitzpatrick is a holistic veterinarian with over 10 years’ experience in companion animal care. She runs a holistic veterinary practice in Glasgow and promotes an integrative approach to animal health.

Adele believes true preventative care lies within biologically appropriate feeding, responsible vaccination and worming protocols and limiting drug use by using ancillary treatments such as laser therapy, acupuncture and herbal medicine. She is passionate about helping owners make educated choices about their pet’s diet and medical treatment so they can enjoy and long and healthy life together.

Adele has helped hundreds of dogs switch to a raw food diet to help with a variety of ailments such as skin disease and IBD or even just to enjoy their food! Adele is available for raw food and nutritional advice.

Dr Isla Fishburn (Canine Wellness Coach)

Dr Isla Fishburn (BSc in Zoology and MBiolSci and PhD in Conservation Biology) is passionate about creating a co-existence between people and wildlife. Along with her extensive qualifications in the realm of animal behaviour and conservation, Isla works as an holistic dog behaviourist who has worked with wolves, wolf hybrids and domestic dogs for several years.

Her experience as a conservation biologist who is eager to teach people about the importance of nature conservation quickly made her discover that conservation needs to begin at home; many people do not consider the individual needs, differences and requirements of a dog as a canine and how this can effect their very wellbeing.

Isla’s mission is to still create a co-existence between people and wildlife but first she must help people to co-exist with their domestic friend; the dog. As such, Isla has established a commitment to canine welfare and conservation.

Colin Tennant MA FCFBA (Canine Behaviour Expert)

Colin is Britain’s leading expert in dog behaviour. His innovative approach has resulted in the use of psychology to understand the behaviour of problem pets. His expertise in this area has led to frequent television appearances.

Colin was the first British canine practitioner to open up a purpose-built Canine Behaviour Centre where treatment centres on human and dog psychology consults. He also established 'Pets on Film', the first film company focused on dog behaviour.

Colin has combined and utilised his canine psychology experience and knowledge to produce a series of successful pet videos for different animals, including cats, dogs, fish and rodents. He has a Master's Degree in Dog Behaviour & Psychology. Find out more about Colin on his website.

Ross McCarthy MA FCFBA MBIPDT MGoDT AMBPSCA (Canine Behaviour Consultant & Trainer)

Ross has an MA in Canine Behaviour & Psychology. He works as a full-time canine behaviour consultant and dog trainer with the London Dog Behaviour Company, specialising in the rehabilitation of aggressive dogs.

He is also a writer for the dog press, a tutor for the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training (, a specialist dog handler with the Dog Safety Education Executive ( and is a qualified Scent Dog Instructor.

Ross is passionate about the psychological and physiological wellbeing of dogs. In addition to his holistic, empathetic, practical and common-sense approach to the behavioural reformation of problematic dogs, he has a deep interest in the natural health and the continued wellness and longevity of dogs.

Inger Alexanderson (Dog training expert)

Following a highly successful business career, Inger decided to utilise her life-long love of dogs by opening a boarding kennels, and combined this with running training classes for all breeds of dogs, but especially gun dogs.

Her reputation as a trainer, with an emphasis on focusing on the many and variable temperaments and requirements of owners and their dogs gave her the impetus to create Dog Solutions in 2007. Building on her many years of experience and achievements, Inger creates methods of training that help produce successful partnerships between her human pupils and their canine companions.

Handlers are taught techniques that not only lead to better behaved pets, but also achievements for those who would like to take their partnerships into the world of competitions, or attain solutions for those with more complex problems.!

Julia Langlands ACFBA (Holistic Canine Behaviour Consultant)

Julia has been working with dogs for over 20 years, and teaching for 7 of them. She is an associate of the CFBA, a raw food advisor, a welfare consultant and a working behaviourist. Julia also has a keen interest in holistic practice, complex aggression and rescue dog rehabilitation.

Alongside her consultation work and teaching role with the BCCS, Julia liaises with local/national charities and vets to operate a rescue behaviour advice hub and small behaviour rehabilitation unit for welfare dogs with complex needs.

Julia is passionate about the impact of diet on hormones, mood, health and behaviour, and she shares her work and her home with many canine assistants including two Siberian Huskies, a Malamute, a Rottweiler, a Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle mix.


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