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What Is Raw Feeding For Dogs: Myths vs Fact

Hello again Benyfit Natural friends! Welcome to our Good Doggy Blog, written by my good self, Woody the Rhodesian Ridgeback. Not only am I the Benyfit Natural blog paw-thor, but also taste tester of all-new recipes, office newshound and general dogsbody.

And I do it all for the love of food, tummy rubs and to help share the raw dog food excitement with my doggy friends.

On the menu today is 'raw feeding for dogs', one of my favourite subjects that i could talk (and eat) about all day, i consider myself an expert on the subject!

So What Is Raw Feeding For Dogs?

80* 10*10 Goat Meat Feast Adult Raw Working Dog FoodJust an example our raw dog food ingredients for 80*10*10 Goat Meat Feast Adult Raw Working Dog Food

I can’t understand why every doggy parent doesn’t feed us perfect pooches with raw food. I know first-paw just how delicious and bowl-lickingly tasty it is. I can also see how many health benefits it has – Benyfit Natural recipes are all nutritionally balanced and are good for my skin and coat, teeth and gums, digestion and poo, all the while keeping me in tip-top good health and at the perfect weight.

But some pawrents do have reservations when it comes to the question "What Is Raw Feeding For Dogs?", mainly because they haven’t been told the facts about raw dog food.

Exploding the raw dog food myths

Our raw dog food ingredients for Beef & Tripe Complete Adult Raw Working Dog Food

I’ve been researching some of the most common raw dog food feeding myths and have got some great answers that I hope will put all minds at rest.

  1. Bacteria – Because raw dog food contains uncooked meat, there can be a concern that it will also contain bacteria and specifically salmonella. There is bacteria in raw meat but as long as your dog is in good health, it won’t pose a problem. Dogs’ digestive systems are designed to prevent salmonella and the like from upsetting the healthy balance of intestinal flora. We have highly acidic stomachs as well as natural digestive enzymes and bile that help us process salmonella and other bacteria without becoming ill. It goes without saying that any raw meat, dog food or other, needs to be handled in a safe and hygienic way to avoid any cross-contamination with kitchen surfaces.
  2. Balance – Dried and processed food often has a great long list of ingredients and we’ve come to believe that our dogs must need all of these things. What we dogs need to eat is a mix of protein in its natural state, with bone, essential fatty acids and vitamins and minerals to keep them in optimum health. Definitely no cereals, grains or fillers. Simply feeding a dog on raw chicken isn’t going to fulfil all nutritional needs. But prepared raw dog food, such as that which Benyfit Natural offer, is carefully prepared to be perfectly nutritionally balanced and meet all your dog’s dietary requirements and more.
  3. Bother – Everyone has enough to do without preparing separate meals from scratch for dogs. Sourcing the proteins (including tripe), adding the right amount of vitamins, storing it all safely… That’s where Benyfit Natural comes in! Freshly frozen raw dog food is the answer. Delivered to your door in freezer-friendly packaging so all you need do is thaw as much as is needed for each meal. No fuss or bother whatsoever and a guarantee that your dog is receiving a wholesome and perfectly balanced diet.
  4. Budget – Many people think raw feeding is too expensive. But for about the same cost as a cup of coffee, you can provide your beloved dog with a premium and nutritionally beneficial diet. Think of the long term savings as well: fewer vet bills, thanks to improved health and cleaner teeth.
  5. Bones – Surely you shouldn’t give bones to your dogs. Can’t they be dangerous? Cooked bones can be very dangerous and should never be given to dogs. And bones that are either too big or too small can be similar harmful. But raw bone is an amazing nutritional source as well as aiding with teeth cleaning and gum health. Benyfit Natural contains small pieces of bone for this reason.

Well, I could go on, but I hope I have answered some of your most burning questions. If there’s anything else raw-related that you’re not sure about, or want some reassurance, please pick up the dog and bone and call my human colleagues in the Benyfit Natural team on 01892 770188.

And Finally… Tall Tails

Zeus a Great Dane from MichiganMochi the St Bernard / image source -

The tallest dog ever is Zeus, a Great Dane from Michigan, USA, who measured 1.118 m tall. He weighed 70.30 kg and ate around 13.5 kg of food every two weeks. His owners would have needed a lot of freezer space to keep up with that appetite!

Until next time on the Good Doggy Blog, woofs and kisses from Woody x


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