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Why feed raw dog food?

We specialise in offering nutritionally balanced, complete, frozen natural raw dog food. Produced in small batches, with human-grade, ethically sourced meat, bone, offal & vegetables.
Complete Adult Working Dog Food
Our complete raw dog food recipes include everything that your dog needs to have a balanced & complete diet. Containing our prime cuts of meat, bone, offal and vegetables.

A complete, balanced, delicious and nutritious raw dog food diet for a healthy dog.
80-10-10 Raw Dog Food
Vegetable-free raw dog food recipes made with 80% prime cuts of muscle meat, 10% bone, 5% heart, and 5% liver. Perfect for all dogs but especially good for those with allergies, itchy skin, hotspots or yeast intolerances.
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Raw Dog Food Bundles
We've created bundles of product to suit every need, whether that's a starter pack for new raw dog feeders, a mixed selection of our 80 10 10 product or a bundle for more senior dogs, there's a selection for everyone.
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Special Recipe Raw Dog Food
If you have a dog that requires some additional nutrition has food intolerances or requires a finer mince, we have a recipe for you. Our Special Recipes cover additional growth support for puppies up to joint support for senior dogs.
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Recipes for Puppies to Help Them Grow

It's important in their first months to help your puppy grow big and strong. Raw dog food is perfect for your puppy, to help aid their growth, give them a balanced diet and improve their immune system. Our carefully curated puppy range is made with all the same great ingredients as our adult meals, with a finer mince and added Verm-X which supports their digestive health.

Treats & Bones for Your Dog
Feeding your dog a raw diet doesn't mean saying goodbye to healthy treats! We have a full collection of delicious, 100% natural air-dried treats, which are idea for rewards or as an enrichments to keep your dog calm. We also have frozen marrow bones, which are a long-lasting treat to compliment their raw food diet.
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