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Transitioning Your Puppy To A Raw Dog Food Diet? Know What To Expect

So you have finally made up your mind to transition your puppy to a raw dog food diet. Healthy pets can go through the switch without any twitch.

But, how can you, a responsible pet-owner stay assured that your furry friend is transitioning normally? No worries. All you need to do is know the signs to be on the lookout for to get the right peace of mind!

Making the change to a balanced raw dog food diet is a fun and exciting adventure. While it may feel like an overwhelming process initially, once you are comfortable with the proteins, meats, bones and veggies, the real fun begins. And, as you introduce your pet to natural dog food for the very first time, you will start noticing positive changes in its physical appearance. However, it is always better to know what you can expect while feeding holistic food to your pet.  

Below are a few things which you should always be watching for to ensure that your dog is transitioning normally!

4 Signs Your Pet Is Transitioning To High-Quality Raw Dog Food Normally

    1. Small Balls Of Stool - You know the nutritionally balanced raw dog food diet is working when your furry friend’s poop changes radically. You will no longer notice multiple piles of stinky and soft stool which were a regular thing when your pet was fed dry kibble. This is because holistic food produces small, light and firm balls of poop which are passed easily.
      1. Shedding Fur- After one to three months of switching to premium quality raw dog food in the UK, your pet may go through a detoxification process – completely normal and beautiful change. During the detoxification process, you might find that he/she’s shedding great amount of fur. However, you can be rest assured that your pet is not going bald. It is just that your dog is shedding out his dull and old hair to allow the growth of a shiny and soft coat. 
      1. Excess Earwax - During the detoxification process, you might even see a lot of debris produced from your dog’s ears. Though this earwax needs to be thoroughly cleaned, it is completely normal. All you need to do is grab a baby wipe, wrap it around your forefinger and clean the ear canal gently. This symptom of detoxification will pass on its own and so need not worry about anything.
      1. Sleeker And Leaner Appearance - Dogs even experience a sleeker and slimmer appearance since they are consuming a diet which is completely digestible. Since they are able to absorb all the good nutrition of holistic food, it gives them more energy which further helps them in slimming down. Feeding a completely nutritionally balanced diet can thus help your dog in maintaining an optimal shape.
      • So what are you still mulling over? It’s time to switch your dog to a reliable natural dog food brand for availing the goodness of raw food diet!


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