Know How Feeding Natural Dog Food Can Make All The Difference

Do you wish to switch to a healthier and nutritionally balanced diet? Looking for delicious foods which can give your dog a long and disease-free life? Feeding natural pet food to your dog can be an informed choice. All you need to do is buy high-quality food from a reputed dog food manufacturer and avail exemplary health benefits!

Regardless of your pet’s age, size and breed, switching to raw dog food can indeed be a good decision. Natural foods do not have extra unwanted ingredients and can thus be very good for your dog’s health. With holistic food, you will even get healthy meats and vegetables which are all that you need to cater to the dietary requirements of your pet. Moreover, with the availability of natural food in a variety of flavours, you can even satisfy the taste buds of your dog.

 Here’s all that you need to know about feeding natural food to your dog.


Why Is It Important To Choose The Best Raw Dog Food Brand?

Holistic dog food offers a host of benefits and even allows your pet to look and feel better each day. Thus, instead of feeding those factory-processed foods, switching to the best raw dog food brand can be a more healthy choice.

Packed with healthy and flavour ingredients, natural pet food can help your dog lead a more enjoyable and healthy life. Food that has high levels of protein, superior quality meats, no chemical and no preservatives will be easier for your pet to digest. This means that little to no vomiting, diarrhoea and bloating after the food is consumed.

Benefits of Switching To Holistic Dog Food

Pet owners, who have switched to a high-quality pet food, have reported major health changes in their dogs. Some of these include -

  • Better quality of life
  • Improved digestion
  • A more shiny coat
  • Fresher breath
  • Easier weight management
  • Odourless poops

What Does It Mean To Feed Raw Dog Food?

Raw pet food is a mix of bone, raw meat, veggies and organs. These ingredients are completely fresh and remain in their natural state. While it’s true that dogs are omnivores, they have evolved to subsist on meat primarily. Thus, you need to stick to natural dog food which features whole proteins like chicken, beef or any other healthy meat as its first ingredient.  

Finding The Best Natural Pet Food

It goes without saying that dogs are individuals who have varying nutritional requirements. For example, adult dogs will have different nutritional needs than young puppies. Some dogs even suffer from certain allergies and thus, you need to ensure that the food you are buying doesn’t contain any unwanted ingredient. Check if the food has a label indicating the proportions of carbohydrates, proteins and fat in the food.

Now that you are fully aware of everything, don’t you think that feeding natural pet food can indeed make the difference? Quickly approach a leading brand and bring home high-quality raw food!

Seeking A Natural Dog Food Brand? Know the Indicators Of Quality Pet Food

Planning to feed completely healthy food to your dog? Looking for a superior dog food brand which can provide you with quality food? But, are you thinking about the ways to determine if the manufacturer you are choosing offers holistic food? No worries. All you need to do is learn the qualities which make dog food healthy.

At a time when there is wide availability of a variety of dog food, every pet food manufacturer claims to offer healthy food. Food bags contain pictures of chicken, meat, veggies and fruits with a cute dog in the front or back.  Since every manufacturer follows similar bag styles, differentiating between quality raw dog food UK and a not-so-good-one is difficult. However, there’s one way you can always spot the real difference- by checking the ingredient panel.

Read on to learn what you should look for while choosing a dog food brand.

Few Qualities To Look For While Buying Pet Food From A Leading Natural Dog Food Brand

  1. Meat Is The Primary Ingredient

Not only is it essential for the pet food to boast of a quality meat source, but it should even include these ingredients at the top of the food ingredient list. Ensure that the meat source is not just the first ingredient to be listed, but there should even be multiple protein sources. Ingredients are listed according to the order of weight, with the heaviest one listed first. A dog food with meats listed first indicates that more will be the meat protein in the pet food.

  1. Natural Preservatives

Natural preservatives help in preventing the fats in pet food from going rancid for a time. Thus, you should look for the best raw dog food brand which boasts of using natural preservatives only in their meats and meals. While these ingredients are very expensive, they are a lot safer than the usual factory-produced foods. If you find that the food brand you are choosing uses natural preservatives in its food, consider it as an indication of superior quality food.

  1. Fruits And Vegetables

Both vegetables and fruits are healthful sources of carbohydrates which are rich in essential minerals and vitamins. These form to be a healthier carbohydrate source than several grains which are a cheap source of carbohydrates, calories and proteins for numerous lower quality dog foods. Other than being a great a source of vitamins, fruits and vegetables even contain antioxidants, add flavour and natural sweetness to your dog food.

The biggest benefit of choosing a natural dog food brand is the assurance of quality. Regardless of the size, breed or age of the dog, these wholesome products can cater to all your specific needs. So what are you still here for?  Approach a leading natural pet food brand and get the best dog food delivered to your home!

Debunk The Myths About Natural Dog Food And Get Healthier Dogs

Every dog-owner loves their pets and always tries to give them the best food and care. No wonder, choosing the best pet food is indeed a daunting task with so many suppliers scattered all over the UK. If you also want your pet to enjoy a nutritious meal, make sure that the food they eat is natural and contain healthy ingredients like vegetables, kelp, muscle meat, corn, bone, eggs, flaxseed oil, offal and herbs. Finding the best food for your pet will also become easier if you can debunk the common myths surrounding pet food.



Need Natural Food Dog? Debunk The 4 Common Myths First

  • “Corn Can Make Your Pet Food Unhealthy”

If you ever hear this from someone in the pet industry, you can stay assured that they are not medically trained as this is nothing more than a myth. Corns are not just another starchy filler ingredient in the food but rather a valuable source of beta-carotenes, vitamin E, vitamin C, vital amino acids and fibers. Adding this nutrient will not only enhance its nutritional value but also keep the cost of your complete raw dog food to a minimal.


  • “Veterinarians Can’t Suggest The Best Food For Your Dog”

If you think that your dog’s veterinarian can treat his illness but does not have sufficient nutritional training, it’s time you debunk the myth and stop asking the pet store employee which product is the best for your dog. Every accredited veterinarian in the UK is aware of the importance of animal nutrition and knows that food can impact their psychological functioning. So, if you have any query regarding the nutritional needs of your pet, just have a talk with your vet.

raw dog food


  • “Raw Meat Should Not Be Included In The Dog Food”

Every raw dog food supplier is aware of the fact that dogs have a lower acidic gastric pH which makes it harder for them to protect their digestive system from parasites and pathogens found in raw meat. Since they can’t digest large pieces of bone, they mix muscle meat and bone in small quantity in the food. Approach a reliable supplier of raw dog food in the UK and they will ensure that only safe raw meat and bones are included in the food.


  • “Always Opt For ‘All Natural’ Food”

Though feeding natural dog food is beneficial for your pet, just don’t trust any supplier claiming that their food products are ‘all-natural’ and ‘holistic’. It is your responsibility to go through the list of ingredients and ensure that no processed ingredients have been used. Just buying a packet of dog food with ‘holistic’ printed on them does not guarantee that it is safe and healthy for your pet. Though canned food is often labelled as ‘all-natural’, there are fewer chances for it to be so.

Since the common myths about pet food have been debunked, it’s time you assess the healthiest choice for feeding your dog and approach a reliable supplier.

All You Need To Know About Feeding Frozen Raw Dog Food To Your Pup

Planning to feed nutritionally balanced food to your canine? Do you know that when it comes to buying dog food, there are more choices other than just canned and kibble food? Wondering how to choose a diet which enhances the overall health of your dog? Feeding freeze-dried pet food can be a healthy alternative!

While it’s true that freeze-dried food forms to be a small segment of the pet food market, this food variety has been gaining in popularity all over the world. The convenience and benefits of feeding freeze-dried food to dogs are second to none. By feeding freeze raw food, you can nourish your dog and see a dramatic improvement in the dog’s health. What makes frozen raw dog food ideal for your pup is that it can provide several health benefits without the fuss of refrigerated diet.

Read on to know more about feeding frozen food to your dog!

raw dog food

Benefits Of Feeding Frozen Raw Dog Food To Your Pet

Pet owners who feed raw food to their pup believe that these foods are healthier for their dogs. These people that freeze-diets offer several benefits like-

  • Overall improvement in health
  • Improved digestion
  • Optimal weight management
  • Better skin and coat
  • Improved overall health
  • Fresher breath
  • Whiter teeth
  • Smaller and less smelly stools
  • Less likelihood of allergies

What Makes Freeze-Dried Foods Useful For Your Dogs?

Regardless of the size, age and breed of your dog, freeze-dried diet can be very useful. Though it comprises of the same ingredients like that of raw diet, it has the easiness and convenience of kibbles. Freeze-dried foods are not messy and thus you can be assured that the food will not get over your pet or the area where you are feeding him.  Since the food will already be nutritionally balanced, you will be free from the hassles of preparing the food yourself.

natural dog food

Choosing A Freeze-Dried Food

To get the best freeze-dried food, it is always wise to choose a reputed natural dog food brand which specialises in providing premium quality raw food for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Look at the ingredient list first and consider the same things which you would do while selecting raw food diet for your pup. Other than the ingredient list, you should even check the amount of fat, protein and fibre.

While selecting freeze-dried products for your pup, ensure that you choose food which is balanced and complete. It should be complete and nutritionally balanced for your dog and not just be a product intended to be used as a supplement.

If you are someone who intends to feed a raw diet to his dog, frozen dried dog food can be a healthy alternative. Your pet will get the same nutritional benefits of eating raw food since these foods are nutritionally balanced and easy to handle.

So what are you still thinking of? It’s time to switch to frozen dried food and give your dog the nutrients it needs!

Switching Your Pup To Raw Dog Food in The UK? Know The Rules First!

Have you recently learnt the incredible benefits of feeding healthy and natural food to your pup? Are you planning to put your dog on a raw food diet? As a newbie, are you wondering where to start from? Relax. A quick look at few essential rules is all that you need to know about feeding your pup properly!

It goes without saying that nothing can be more beneficial than raw diet for your dog. Whether you have a pup or an adult dog, your pet can avail great nutritional benefits by consuming raw food. However, to achieve these benefits, it’s important for you to maintain the proportions of minerals, proteins, vitamins and antioxidants. It is here that the importance of considering some rules before switching to the best raw dog food in the UK comes to the picture!

Read on to check out the rules you must keep in mind before switching to natural diet!

best raw dog food brand

4 Essential Rules To Keep In Mind While Switching To The Best Raw Dog Food Brand

  1. Meat Should Be The Foundation

Your pet’s raw diet should include a significant amount of raw muscle meat since it’s an important source of energy which helps in maintaining muscle mass. The proteins which the meat contains are known as the “building blocks of life” and are essential for the survival of animals. Raw meat even contains potassium (essential for the health of heart), zinc, iron, taurine and amino acids (great for healthy cells).

  1. Watch Out The Fat While Choosing Meat

Raw meat diets usually tend to be quite high in fat, causing problems for dogs which are very prone to obesity, pancreatitis and gastrointestinal issues. This fat even contains twice the number of calories per gram of carbohydrates and protein. Dogs which consume more of a higher-fat food may become obese while those who consume less may not get enough minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients. Thus, you should look for meats which contain the right amount of fat.

raw dog food uk

  1. Feed Fresh Veggies And Fruits

Beneficial plant chemicals like flavonoids and carotenoids offer numerous benefits to dogs. These include serving as antioxidants, inducing cancer cell death, repairing the DNA damage, boosting the immune system, enhancing the cell-to-cell communication, etc. Vegetables and fruits even contain various soluble and insoluble fiber which promotes health. They are even full of essential nutrients like phytochemicals, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, nutraceuticals and essential fatty acids.

  1. Balance The Edible Bone

Edible bones are the bones without the fat, skin, muscle meat and connective tissue. When fed in appropriate quantity, edible bone can provide the calcium and phosphorous which your dog requires. Bones even play an important role in maintaining the gut health and keeping the teeth clean. Thus, you should look for the best raw dog food brand which offers a significant amount of bones in each of its recipes for ensuring the well-being of your canine.

So what are you still waiting for? It’s time to switch to a raw diet which is packed full of goodness and give your dog everything it needs for leading a healthy life!

Need Natural Dog Food For Your Pet? Know The Vital Considerations!

As a responsible dog owner, do you wish to feed nutritionally balanced food to your pet? Are you on the lookout for healthy pet food? Still perplexed about the ways to pick the best natural diet? Fret not. All you need to do is learn a few factors and make an informed choice!

Good natural food provides the nutrition your pet really requires, depending on the age, breed and health. With so many food brands out there, choosing the right food is very daunting. High-protein, premium quality and all-natural diet are essential for the good health of your pet and thus you should look for a food brand which specialises in offering the best natural dog food. And the only way to find a trustworthy brand is having full awareness!

Here are a few factors which you must keep in mind while picking natural and raw food for your dog!

natural dog food

4 Aspects To Look For While Choosing Natural Dog Food For Your Canine

  1. Asses The Quality Of Ingredients

Start your search by looking at the label of the product. As per laws, the ingredients of every pet food must be listed in the order of weight. Beware of products which are made from cheap ingredients like additives, chemicals and by-products since these are not good for your pet. Such artificial ingredients and lo-quality foodstuff are difficult for your canine to digest. Moreover, poor quality food can lead to skin allergies and digestion problems.

  1. Check The Quality And Quantity Of Protein

Feeding a good quantity of premium quality protein is really very important for ensuring the good health of your pet. Dogs are omnivores since they can easily survive on animal or plant diet. However, if you wish your dog to thrive, you need a highly nutritious protein diet. Though vegetable proteins are very cheap, they provide very low nutritional value. Thus, you should look for complete raw dog food which consists of the highest quality proteins.

best raw dog food brand

  1. Choose Age Appropriate Food

Depending on the stage your pet is currently in, your dog may require various things from their food. Unless your pet is super active, you should keep a watch on your adult dogs. You need to check what your pet is eating so that you can ensure if your pet is maintaining a healthy weight. Since older dogs require lesser calories, opt for a low-calorie diet since their stage demands easily digestible proteins with good moisture content.

  1. Research The Company

Do your homework about various companies. Go through online reviews and see the feedback posted by various pet owners. You should even find out since when the company has been around. You must ensure that the company specialises in offering a wide variety of dog food. Once you are done with your research, choose the best raw dog food brand which works with a qualified nutritionist. This is because a reputed food brand can even provide tailor-made food to suit the unique characteristics of your dog.

So what are you still waiting for? Time to bring home the best nutritionally-balanced pet food for your dog!

Need The Best Natural Dog Food? Tips To Choose The Right Pet Food!

After watching all the pet food ads on TV, are you under the impression that every meal for your dog is a sumptuous buffet? Do you really think that every pet food is packed with necessary minerals and vitamins? Well, it’s a different story in the real world.

Though billions of pounds are spent every year to convince customers, veterinarians and government, more and more pet owners are now rejecting the conventional ways of pet care. Instead of relying on those factory-produced commercial foods, dog owners are now feeding nutritionally balanced natural food to their canine. This is because natural dog food is properly balanced and even helps in maintaining a healthy weight.

Wondering how to ensure that the food you are feeding your pet is completely balanced and nutritional? Here are a few tips to help you make the best choice!

Natural Dog Food

5 Tips To Choose The Best Natural Dog Food For Your Pet

  1. Consult A Veterinarian

While choosing the right pet food for your dog, it’s important to talk to a veterinarian. A qualified vet will look at the nutritional needs of your dog in relation to a particular medical condition. While doing a physical examination, vets use nutritional assessment as a vital sign along with pulse, temperature, respiration and pain to assess the health of your pet.

  1. Have A Thorough Dog Check-Up

To ensure that you make the best choice while choosing pet food, consider having the body fat of your dog checked. Ensure that your canine has palpable ribs and make it sure that the abdomen doesn’t bulge out from your pet’s sides. Based on the physical condition of your pet, you can easily figure out the right calorie intake for your dog after considering its age and physical activity.

  1. Look For DEFRA Approved Food

The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) is a name you can trust. Thus you should look for a reputed brand which specialises in offering premium quality raw dog foods which are DEFRA approved. Be it minerals, carbohydrates or vitamins, these raw dog food recipes are nutritionally balanced.

  1. Avoid Preservatives And Added Sugar

Beware of pet food brands who add sweeteners and preservatives to make their food tastier. Needless to say, these ingredients which make the food more mouth-watering are empty calories. Thus, you should look for reputed dog food brands which do not use artificial sweeteners, added sugar, preservatives and artificial colour. By buying food from a reliable brand you can even ensure that the pet food is properly balanced.

  1. Ensure That Protein Is A Vital Ingredient

The best raw dog food brand specialises in supplying food which is very high in protein and completely low in fillers. Since they understand the importance of protein, you will be able to find protein as the first ingredient in the label of their food. A raw dog food diet with the right intake of protein can transform your pet’s emotional, psychological and physical well-being.

Now that you are aware of the useful tips, what are you still waiting for? Find the best dog food supplier and buy nutritionally balanced food for your beloved pet!


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