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Natural Dog Food | Debunk The Myths & Get Healthier Dogs

In this mindful day and age natural dog food seems like a good choice, but does it make for a healthy dog? Every dog-owner loves their pets and always tries to give them the best nutritional dog food and care they can. No wonder, choosing the best pet food is indeed a daunting task with so many suppliers scattered all over the UK.

If you also want your pet to enjoy a nutritious meal, make sure that that they eat natural dog food that contains healthy ingredients like vegetables, kelp, muscle meat, corn, bone, eggs, flaxseed oil, offal, and herbs.

Finding the best nutritional dog food for your pet will also become easier if you can first debunk the common myths surrounding pet food.


Do You Need Natural Dog Food? Lets Debunk The 4 Common Myths First

Do You Need Natural Dog Food

  • “Corn Can Make Your Pet Food Unhealthy” - If you ever hear this from someone in the pet industry, you can rest assured that they are not medically trained, as this is nothing more than a myth. Corns are not just another starchy filler ingredient in the food but rather a valuable dog food nutritional requirement containing sources of beta-carotenes, vitamin E, vitamin C, vital amino acids and fibers. Adding this nutrient will not only enhance its nutritional value but also keep the cost of your complete raw dog food to a minimal.
  • “Veterinarians Can’t Suggest The Best Food For Your Dog” - If you think that your dog’s veterinarian can treat his illness but does not have sufficient nutritional training, it’s time you debunk the myth and stop asking the pet store employee which natural dog food is the best for your dog. Every accredited veterinarian in the UK is aware of the importance of animal nutrition and knows that food can impact their psychological functioning. So, if you have any query regarding the nutritional needs of your pet, just have a talk with your vet.
  • “Raw Meat Should Not Be Included In The Dog Food” - Every raw dog food supplier is aware of the fact that dogs have a lower acidic gastric pH which makes it harder for them to protect their digestive system from parasites and pathogens found in raw meat. Since they can’t digest large pieces of bone, they mix muscle meat and bone in small quantity in the food. Approach a reliable supplier of raw dog food in the UK and they will ensure that only safe raw meat and bones are included in the food.
  • “Always Opt For ‘All Natural’ Food” - Though feeding natural dog food is beneficial for your pet, just don’t trust any supplier claiming that their food products are ‘all-natural’ and ‘holistic’. It is your responsibility to go through the list of ingredients and ensure that no processed ingredients have been used. Just buying a packet of dog food with ‘holistic’ printed on them does not guarantee that it is safe and healthy for your pet. Though canned food is often labelled as ‘all-natural’, there are fewer chances for it to be so.

Since the common myths about pet food have been debunked, it’s time you assess the healthiest choice for feeding your dog and approach a reliable natural dog food supplier.


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