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Benyfit Natural Transition Guide & Bundle by Dr Adele Fitzpatrick - The Natural Vet

How To Transition To Raw Dog Food: Introducing Our New Transition Guide and Raw Dog Food Transitioning Bundle!

Making the change to Benyfit Natural’s balanced raw dog food is a fun and exciting adventure.

Your lucky four-legged friend will be enjoying a balanced, 100% natural raw diet full of quality ingredients – exactly what they need for optimum health. The numerous benefits a raw diet can bring include better digestion, shinier coat, increased energy, reduced itching, healthier teeth… we could go on!

However, we know that transitioning your dog to a raw diet can feel like an overwhelming process at the start. But fear not! We have everything you need to start your dog’s raw journey with ease!

We’ve teamed up with Dr Adele Fitzpatrick (@thenaturalvetuk on Instagram) to create our brand-new Responsible Raw Feeding Guide.

In simple steps, the guide explains which raw recipes and proteins to start with, how to introduce new proteins and when, and the general rules you should stick to transition your dog onto a raw diet smoothly. Adele has also given some handy hints and tips for raw feeding, including hygiene best practices, and the changes you can expect to see in your dog after switching to raw food.

Read on to find out how you can claim your FREE Transitioning Bundle Guide.

About Benyfit Natural Raw Dog Food Transitioning Bundle

Benyfit Natural Raw Dog Food Transitioning Bundle


To help make the switch to raw dog food even easier, we have created our super convenient Raw Dog Food Transitioning Bundle. This contains all our carefully selected products mentioned in the guide to help your dog transition to raw food smoothly – and at a discounted price!

The Raw Dog Food Transitioning Bundle includes:

1 x tube of Animotics Paste

10 x tubs of Just Tripe 500g

5 x tubs of Sensitive 500g

5 x tubs of Tasty Turkey 500g

Animotics – a premium Probiotic paste. Animotics is a bespoke Probiotic formula providing multiple strains of bacteria to support gut health and ease dietary transitions – perfect for when switching to raw! Can either be added to food or administered directly into your dog’s mouth.

Just Tripe - 100% unbleached and boneless lamb’s tripe. Packed with digestive enzymes and probiotics, tripe is great for sensitive stomachs and is the perfect starting point for dogs transitioning to raw food.

Sensitive – This tasty, low-fat and low-purine recipe is easy on stomachs, containing lamb’s tripe, turkey, vegetables, and botanicals and free of any offal.

Tasty Turkey – A firm favourite and an ideal introductory raw recipe, as turkey is low fat and especially good for sensitive stomachs. Packed with succulent turkey meat, bone, ox offal, fresh vegetables and botanicals.

You can buy this bundle now with FREE delivery here.

Once your dog has become accustomed to raw dog food with the help of this guide and bundle, the real fun begins!

Your four-legged friend will be devouring delicious meals daily, including a range of exciting proteins and recipes in no time. More importantly, they will be reaping the numerous health benefits that a top-quality, balanced raw dog food diet brings.

Grab your FREE Transition Bundle guide now and let the raw feeding fun begin!


Check out our full range of delicious raw food here. Why not try our Variety Bundle, where you can save on our most popular recipes? And for when your dog is ready to discover some new and exciting proteins, check out our 80.10.10 Alternative Protein Bundle.

Our friendly team is always happy to help with any questions you may have. You can phone us on 01892 770188, email, or pop us a message on Facebook or Instagram.


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