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Luther's Story

Ashleigh Smith
June 28, 2021

Recently we received a notification which led us to a heart-warming tale about a poorly little boy called Luther.

Luther is a  4 year old, 70 lb Shar Pei. A couple of times a year, he becomes unbearably itchy and if left unattended for even a few moments he will scratch and bite himself until he rips his own skin off.

A recent trip to the vet confirmed Luther is allergic to nearly everything: Wheat, dairy, poultry, fish, most shampoos, laundry detergent, pollen, the list goes on…


On top of this, he has anxiety and scratches and bites himself as a coping mechanism.  The usual treatment of the cone of shame and medication didn’t do the trick this time.

Luther's mum shared with us what she did next: 

Desperate, we decided to switch to raw food. It’s pricey, but the cumulative vet bills are pricier. It’s been a month now and the results are UNBELIEVABLE. Swipe through for his journey over the last month! Not only has his fur grown back, but it’s much softer and shinier. He’s become happier and leaner. Weirdest of all, he stinks less. We used to think he was just smelly no matter how often we bathed him, but turns out his diet was the culprit. He still has a long way to go with some itchy paws and patchy fur, as we’re still trialling which flavours work best for him, but GOD BLESS @benyfitnatural’s 80*10*10 range. Use our code LUTHER10 to get 10% off 🥰”

Thank you so much for sharing this lovely story with us and we look forward to watching Luther continue on the road to recovery. @luthergreypei 

Ashleigh SmithCommercialisation Manager
In her role working as Benyfit Natural's project commercialisation manager. She works hard behind the scenes, on lots of different projects from packaging compliance to new product development to our imports and export.
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