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80-10-10 Raw Dog Food

Our 80-10-10 raw dog food is based on the prey model of raw feeding. Each meal contains 80% human-grade, prime cuts of meat, 10% bone, 5% kidney, 5% liver. With no vegetables, grains or fillers, these recipes are perfect all dogs, especially those with allergies, itchy skin or for owners who want to add their own vegetables, fruits and supplements to meet their dogs needs. If you're looking for a complete and balanced raw meal, our complete raw dog food range is for you. 

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Adult Raw Dog Food

Your pet deserves the best, and our nutritious raw working dog food for adult dogs will keep them in the best condition. Made using only the highest quality ingredients, human-grade meat and made in small batches in our East Sussex kitchen. With Benyfit Natural you know you're giving your dog the best food for their health and happiness, we offer everything your dog needs, in a variety of delicious flavours.

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Air-Dried Natural Treats

Our range of natural air-dried treats for dogs are full of essential nutrients, high in protein and are the healthiest treat choice for your dog. The larger treats are great for naturally keeping teeth clean, whilst our smaller and softer treats are perfect for smaller breeds or rewards for training. 

If you're looking for a training treat, try our Benyfit Bites or our range of longer lasting raw bones. 

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All Raw Dog Food

Our complete range of delicious, nourishing raw dog food recipes. Including our complete working dog range and our 80 10 10 raw dog food. We have specially curated raw food bundles, plus recipes with added supplements for puppies and senior dogs. All recipes are made with human-grade premium cuts of meat, made in small batches in East Sussex for ultimate freshness.

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Beef Raw Dog Food + Treats

Our range of nutritious beef raw dog food is rich and high in protein and helps to build muscle. Available in our complete raw dog food recipe or our 80-10-10 raw dog food recipe. Our natural beef marrow bones also make the perfect enrichment treat for adding nutrition in your dogs diet.

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Billy + Margot Treats

Billy + Margot offer a range of high quality, 100% natural dog treats, created with love, passion and expertise by renowned canine nutritionist Marie Jones. The natural treats are great for training or as an after dinner treat, with only natural ingredients and made in the UK.

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Chicken Raw Dog Food + Treats

Discover our range of chicken raw dog food and natural chicken dog treats. Available in both our complete recipe and 80-10-10 recipe (veg free). Chicken is a great lower fat option and helps sustain healthy skin and a shiny coat.

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Christmas Raw Dog Food + Treats

Treat your dog this Christmas with our delicious, limited edition festive recipes. Made with the same premium ingredients as all our raw food recipes, choose between our Tasty Turkey Christmas Dinner with festive veggies or our nutritious Three Bird 80-10-10 Christmas Dinner. Guaranteed to leave bowls empty and tails wagging on Christmas morning.

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Complete Raw Dog Food

Our complete and balanced raw dog food recipes are just that. Nutritionally balanced, specially formulated and vet-approved, our complete working dog food is made with the highest quality human-grade meat, bone, offal, vegetables, combined with our natural herbal mix. The convenient and easy way to raw feed your dog, simply defrost and serve.

If you're looking for veg-free recipes discover our 80-10-10 raw dog food and use our raw dog food calculator to find our how much your dog needs for each meal. 

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Dog Bowls + Poo Bags

A range of carefully curated products that we know your dog will love, from brands that we love. From feeding accessories, enrichment bowls and planet friendly poo bags. 

If there's anything else you'd love to see stocked make sure to let us know!

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Benyfit Bites 2 for 1

Simply add 2 bags of our Benyfit Bites to the checkout and get one bag FREE

Offer ends 30/06/2024

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Duck Raw Dog Food + Treats

A delicious alternative protein, duck is packed with nutrients, full of flavour and easy to digest. Full of amino acids and trace minerals, duck is the perfect option for your dog. 

Our duck recipe is available in our complete and balanced raw dog food or our 80-10-10 veg free dog food range. 

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Goat Raw Dog Food

Goat is high-quality source of easily digestible protein for dogs and a great option for dogs who are allergic to other meat proteins such as chicken and turkey. Our Goat raw dog food is made with 80% quality human grade meat, bone and offal. 

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Goose Raw Dog Food

Goose is a healthy, nutritious and nutrient dense alternative protein that dogs love. Our Goose raw dog food is available in our 80-10-10 recipe and also in our Goose + Turkey Complete recipe. High in riboflavin and vitamin B-6 which helps transfer food into energy, perfect for active and working dogs.

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Lamb Raw Dog Food + Treats

Lamb is an excellent source of high-quality protein and essential amino acids, which are vital nutrients for your dog. Our delicious lamb recipes includes human-grade lamb meat, bone, tripe and offal, all single-source protein. Available in our complete and balanced raw dog food or our 80-10-10 range (veg free!).

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Low Fat Raw Dog Food

When raw feeding your dog, fat is an essential part of your dogs diet and is rich in nutrients and flavour. If your dog goes need a lower fat diet, due to medical reasons, weight loss or breed we have a fantastic range of low fat raw food recipes that are lower in fat, but still high in protein and offer all the other benefits of raw dog food. 

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Natural Dog Treats & Bones

Every dog deserves a treat, so choose from our selection of 100% natural healthy dog treats and raw bones. Chewing on natural air-dried treats and raw bones can help improve your dogs dental health and chewing has a calming effect on our pets. The perfect treat range to compliment your dogs raw food diet.

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