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It's a Benyfit Natural Dog’s Life | A Good Doggy Blog by Woody

Hi Benyfit Buddies. Welcome to Benyfit Natural’s first-ever Good Doggy Blog. My name is Woody - some of you may already be familiar with me due to my regular appearances on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. I am an eighteen-month old Rhodesian Ridgeback and Benyfit Natural’s resident office newshound, chief taster, quality control expert, and chief editor of the Good Doggy Blog.

I am so excited that I have finally been given the chance to let you all have an insight into what is new at Benyfit Natural and what we have planned for the future!

Some of you may be wondering “Woody, how do you get paid?”. The answer is with food of course! It’s my favourite thing about my role here at Benyfit Natural. I love every single flavour of the premium raw dog food range we produce but our 80:10:10 Goat is my favourite paws down! Each product is packed with raw, meaty goodness which makes my coat shiny and glossy. I am often kept entertained in the office munching on one of our Meaty Lamb Bones. Not only does it stop me from bothering my mum Courteney whilst she chats to your owners on the phone and takes your orders but it keeps my teeth and gums healthy!

If your pawrents are thinking about making the switch to natural dog food, then make sure to contact our customer services team so that they can offer you lots of advice on the best products suited for you. There are so many raw benefits and you are guaranteed to notice a difference!

My Weekly Good Doggy Blog

I care an awful lot about the environment - just like I’m sure all of you do! I’ve been explaining to everyone here at Benyfit HQ that all of the recent news on climate change has been worrying me. I love getting out and about and spend an awful lot of my time with mum’s horses exploring the great outdoors. I wanted to be certain that at Benyfit Natural sustainability is important to them and have been doing a lot of research into this over the past week. Great news – it is!

Did you know that the Benyfit Natural tubs are not only 100% recyclable across the UK but also made up of 100% recycled material!? The tubs contain plastic that could have already been recycled up to 30 times! How pawesome is that!?

Unfortunately, the only way that this yummy food can be delivered to you at the moment is in poly boxes. This is to ensure that the food stays frozen upon arrival. I know that these are a bit of a nuisance, so here are a couple of ideas that I have come up with for your owners that they might find useful:

 Keep in the boot of your car and use to store muddy wellies after a country walk!
 Store food items in them during your drive back from the supermarket.
 Going away on holiday and taking your dog? Use them to take their food away with you.
 Use as general storage boxes. 
 Use them for growing root vegetables in small spaces or as a bedding tray for seed germination. (They're amazing for growing tomatoes in as tried and tested by us).
 Use to store defrosting products from your freezer. 
 Get arty! The polystyrene makes a great foam board, it can be useful for a 'reminder' pinboard and a great canvas if you're feeling extra creative.
 Animal bedding... It turns out our poly boxes make brilliant warm, safe and cosy beds for hedgehogs (as told by one of our customers!)

Whatever it is you do with yours... be sure to send us pictures or share your suggestions with us!

 Good Doggy Blog Box Shot Of Woody

P.S My mum had to bribe me with lots of yummy Benyfit Bites in order to take this photo - so please tell me what a well-behaved doggo I am!"

If you have any further questions about this, ask your pawrents to call my human colleagues on 01892 770 188 or email them on

Until next time on my Good Doggy Blog… woofs and kisses,

Woody x


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