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The Tail of Two Puppies: a raw dog food success story

There’s nothing more we love at Benyfit Natural than seeing pictures of your woofs, happily tucking into or taking delivery of their fave raw dog food.

And we feel so proud when we see your pups and hear your stories about how Benyfit Natural has made a real difference to their and your lives. One of our happy stories is from pup pawrent, Lynsey Hutchings, mum to two Cavachons, Ralph and Sam. We caught up with Lynsey to find out a bit more about the terrific two.

Tell us about Ralph and Sam...

We've had Ralph since he was an eight-week-old pup – he’ll be five in December. Before we found him, we had done months of research to find the perfect breed for us and we decided a Cavachon was the dog for our family.

Ralph was weaned on Benyfit. When we brought him home, I admit that we did try a few different brands (we were new to dog ownership!). But Ralph knew best and he turned his nose up and actually refused to eat anything else.

Sam has been with us for nearly two years. He is very much a sad story with a very happy ending. He is from Many Tears Animal Rescue and apparently he was abandoned because he was producing ugly puppies. Poor Sam, he’s a beautiful boy! We think he is of a similar age to Ralph, so four or five. Who knows what he ate in his former life but as soon as came home with us, he became a Benyfit boy!

Do Ralph and Sam eat anything else apart from Benyfit Natural?

We do give both of them treats of all sorts. Raw vegetables, like carrots, peppers and broccoli and the odd dog biscuit or two. Saturday night tends to be steak night for us humans and they always get a few bits. I sometimes add raw egg and even sprats.

They don't have a favourite Benyfit food - they just like all of it! We do treat them to the Benyfit Christmas dinner recipe at Christmas.

Are Ralph and Sam in good health?

They have both had very good health so far. Tear stains are common with Cavachons, and raw dog food is recommended to prevent these. Ralph is lucky and has no tear stains. Sam is more prone to them - but as we don’t know what he ate before he came to us, we’re not too surprised.

But both pups are always in perfect health when they go to the vets for check-ups.

Why have you stayed with Benyfit for so long?

There are a few simple reasons:

  • Ralph's refusal to eat anything else (he obviously has good taste!)
  • It’s so easy to order
  • Benyfit Natural has always been helpful with great customer service, even when dealing with difficult situations, everyone has been honest and apologetic.
  • When moving from puppy to adult food with Ralph, and dry to raw with Sam, you have always been there with help, advice and answered all my questions.

Nearly two years on with Sam, we still have milestones to celebrate. He has just started kissing us, which is huge, as he was very nervous when he was first rescued. Sometimes I'd like to know his back story, other times I'm just happy to have him.


Awwww, we love Ralph and Sam! If you’d like to share stories of your Benyfit buddies, please let us know. You can send photos to our Facebook or Instagram pages. Woofs and kisses from the Benyfit team xx



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