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Superboosting Your Pup’s Bowl with Benyfit Natural

Ashleigh Smith
September 29, 2021


We understand every dog owner’s frustration when it comes to feeding the best for your beloved pup. We want to say yes to unprocessed raw food, but not everyone can to that hefty price tag, so it’s natural if we seek other sources for your own DIY bowls. We’d recommend our Transitioning Bundle for Adult Dog's range  to all owners looking for a quick fix and just don’t have that extra time to meal prep. And to the dog owners who would like to add their own personal touches to their dog’s bowl, our 80:10:10 meat feasts would do the trick.

It is generally known that making your own meals (human or canine) is time consuming; from prep work to washing up. Not to mention the extensive research that needs to be done to ensure we’re feeding our dog right; DIY or premade, both require our efforts into research if feeding raw. This is not to discourage anyone from sticking to a freshly made meal, but to recognize the effort put in. The benefits are worthwhile when we see our healthy pup living up to a healthy old age. If only our dogs could understand us, we would tell them how each minute of meal prep time is a loving choice on our part.


Now before we go any further, let’s go through each component of a balanced meal. Each of Benyfit Natural’s Complete meals are chock full of essential nutrients and even supplemented with additional herbs, such as nettles and alfalfa, to combat against allergies and a boost to overall immunity. Below is a table that shows an example of sources of goodness which can be found in each complete meal pack. This could also be used as a ‘cheat sheet’ to quickly balance a meal (which should be consulted with a raw feeding veterinarian if it’s your first time).



With all the added micronutrients in each meal pack, that doesn’t mean you can’t add in extra TLC of your own. Each canine is built differently, and you would know your four-legged friend best. If you feel your dog needs more fibre in his system, add some leafy greens or steamed pumpkin. Not enough antioxidants? Blueberries, wheat grass or spirulina powder would do the trick. To firm up your dog’s inconsistent poo texture, supplying more calcium, pre- and probiotics would help. This can be found naturally in crushed eggshells and psyllium husk to name a few examples. And targeting a common issue of dry skin and a dull coat is the supplementing of omega-3s and -6s. These are easily found from feeding flaxseed oil or oily fish, such as mackerel, sardine and salmon.



Important point to note for new raw feeders is that your doggy friend doesn’t require all their nutrients every day. The parts he may have missed out on day 1 could be supplemented on day 4. Just as how we achieve the intake of different nutritional food groups over a period, so can our dogs. Benyfit Natural provides different proteins in each complete meal pack, so that every dog gets the full benefits as you rotate their meat intake.

This may seem quite daunting for some which is why Benyfit Natural has different ranges and booster selections to satisfy different age groups – puppies to seniors. Most importantly, we take out the guesswork and supply back the time your pup desperately wants from you.

Ashleigh SmithCommercialisation Manager
In her role working as Benyfit Natural's project commercialisation manager. She works hard behind the scenes, on lots of different projects from packaging compliance to new product development to our imports and export.
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