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Stockist Spotlight

Jamie Monk, owner of Wolf Peak Raw Dog Food.


1 - What do you think is most important to your customers, price or quality?

To be honest I actually think that service comes first to my customers. Them knowing that we will always do our best to help them out or get them the items they need. Then I would say quality is next up - knowing that what they are feeding their dogs is only the very best.

2 - Why did you open a pet store?

 We started our online business to really fill a niche in the market for easy to access raw food. There are plenty out there doing it but not everyone wants to buy 50kg of one product. People want variety or just to order small amounts but make it feel like a premium experience. That's where we come in... We are a premium raw dog food retailer, we only sell the best and provide the best service. In fact we are so committed to that we've even turned customers away before who are purely focused on feeding cheap, it's not about price it's about quality and that is what really counts.

3 - What is your most memorable moment since working at the store?

Well it has to be our first customer of course. A lovely lady who is still with us managed to get an order on our website a few weeks before we had even officially opened. However in true Wolf Peak style we got that order together for her and made sure we delivered!

4 - Do you have dogs and if so which breed?

I have an Alaskan Malamute (Arrow) - he eats chicken like it's going extinct!

5 - Which is your favourite Benyfit Natural product and why?

Well personally I think it's got to be the Premium blend. Packed with high quality meats, if I was a dog I'd be in heaven eating that. Arrow's favourite however is actually the venison treats! He goes mad for them, I'm convinced he just inhales them.


You can visit Jamie's website here:


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