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Talking Premium RAW Pet Food Manufacturers With Greg Van Praagh & Benyfit Natural

Greg Van Praagh, MD for one of the leading premium raw pet food manufacturers in the UK, Benyfit Natural, and incoming Chairman of the Pet Food Manufacturers Association talks about the journey that led him to his current position handling the day-to-day running and expansion of a dog food manufacturing company.

His venture into this domain saw Greg leaving Spain for a quest to learn everything there was to know about raw dog food manufacturing.

Finding out how his father (and Benyfit Natural founder) began learning all about dog food and pet food preparation, nutrition, and production, as a mature student, for his own working dogs.

Discerning the importance of meeting customers, dealing with your supply chain, understanding quality, trust values, and finally, steering away from any form of glossy magazine advertising.


The real story behind pet food manufacturers

It's a narrative that you can listen to in-depth (above) as the Benyfit MD is interviewed by From Wags To Riches for an audio podcast ('Dogcast') on their dog-centric website -

In this special short audio podcast episode, Wags to Riches set out to tackle such questions as:

  • How did you come to be in pet food manufacturing?
  • How did the business itself come about?
  • So the founder of the business, your father, was sent off to learn the art and the science at Crawley Catering College, aged 69.
  • How did that work out for him?
  • What is important for you to know about when it comes to pet food manufacturers?

It all adds up to a very interesting story indeed as Greg moves from one stage to the next, creating a raw dog food brand, that from humble beginnings, has competed to become one of the leading raw dog food brands in the UK.

So what exactly is 'From Wags To Riches'?

So What is From Wags To Riches

The website From Wags to Riches is a 'dogcast' that aims to inform and entertain dog lovers, professionals or doggy groupies everywhere of the various aspects of pretty much anything that involves our four-legged friends.

It's specifically for ambitious dog-related business owners, solopreneuers and those perhaps aspiring to start such a business - helping to Plan, Learn, Launch and Grow great dog businesses.

Wags to Riches talk to dog business professionals, dog lovers and subject matter experts - to get them to share their stories, challenges, experiences, tips, tricks, and insights to help you make your dreams a reality.

In short, it’s for folk with an interest in the pet care space who just want to be better informed.


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