No more itchy skin!

This is Mini my 7 year old Miniature Dachshund, I had always fed her a well branded food for her breed.

Mini developed some kind of yeast infection under her armpits and little legs, it was itchy, smelly and irritated her. We took her to the vets and got given some medicated shampoo & tablets for her to take. It didn’t really help her at all apart from stopping her chewing her skin.

 Mini had been on these tablets for over a year, whilst having her weekly bath I noticed Mini had a big lump on her breast area. I rushed her to the vets who said the best thing for her would be to remove the mammary strip just in case it was something more sinister.

 Mini’s operation went well and thank God it wasn’t anything too serious, however it turned out Mini had 13 tumors removed.

 Obviously Mini wasn’t able to have a bath while she was recovering and she was very stinky. I did lots of research on what to do, it turns out that it was a side effect from her tablets.

I immediately stopped her tablets and researched on forums and it seemed people had amazing results by changing their dogs diet to raw & I was recommend to Benyfit Natural.

 I called Benyfit and spoke to Alice who was BRILLIANT & recommended what would be best for Mini.

 Within 24 hours Minis new food was delivered. Within 4 days Mini’s skin had not just improved it was BACK TO NORMAL, no yeast, no smell, no itching, no bad breath & her furr had started to grow back.

 I could not Thank Benyfit enough. Just purely by changing Mini’s food to their recipe, Mini is now totally perfect. Nothing else will pass her lips apart from Benyfit Meat Feast and Benyfit Bites,

    Mini says I LOVE Benyfit!


Written by Ewa Kasyan

Edited by Alice Cousins

Ben Van Praagh
Ben Van Praagh



Judy Shephard
Judy Shephard

April 26, 2017

I have two dogs.. Sunny a 2year old cocker spaniel and Bee 1year old King Charles Cavelier. Both were reared by breeders on a well known dry food. Since they came to me they have both been real fussy pups. I’ve tried every good quality dry food but probably wasted more than they ate. I started using Benyfit about 3 months ago. From day 1 we haven’t looked back. They are both in brilliant condition and really look forward to meal times.I am buying a new pup shortly and she will be given Benyfit from day 1. I can’t recommend this dog food highly enough. So a really big thankful to everyone your end from Judy, Sunny and Bee Shephard.

Sheila Stroud
Sheila Stroud

February 24, 2017

What a wonderful letter to receive. I am sure there will be many more. Benefit Natural is the best raw food diet on the market.

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