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Bonding with Bones

Ashleigh Smith
May 11, 2021


At Benyfit Natural, we love nothing more than having a puppy come to visit. But they can be cheeky and naughty, demanding as much attention as a new-born baby and chewing everything they can get their paws on. Given the surge in puppy ownership over the last year, we know some of you will be feeling our pain.

But help is at hand! Or paw. And it is bone-shaped. As well as pieces of bone incorporated into your woof’s raw food diet, they’ll also benefit from chewing on recreational bones. These are larger, harder uncooked bones meant for gnawing rather than eating, such as shoulder bone, pelvis, hip joint, knee, knuckle and femur. Cooked bones are a big no-go as they become soft during cooking and can easily splinter and break, causing damage to your pup’s mouth, throat or stomach. Choose a bone that’s big enough so your pupper cannot swallow it whole and not too hard (like heavy bones from large animals).

Create a bond with your fur baby

Chewing on raw bones is proven to be mentally stimulating for your little pup, improving their cognitive development. If you hold the bone while they’re gnawing, they will associate you with the wonder of the bone, and help them bond with you. Feeding and play time are closely linked to affection for your woof, so giving bones can really increase your personal bond with them. Setting up a regular feeding schedule and rewarding your puppy with a bone as a treat for good behaviour will positively reinforce your connection.

Why bones are so great for your puppy’s physical health:

Alongside a balanced raw diet, bones are packed with benefits:

  • They’re full of calcium, phosphorus and other minerals that promote healthy skeletal development, neuromuscular, cardiovascular, immune, and endocrine function.
  • Help with digestion by strengthening the stomach muscles, preventing bloating, encouraging healthy bowel movements, and averting anal gland issues.
  • Keep teeth clean: bones can also help with the teething process in puppies, including loosening baby teeth. 
  • Strengthening joints and muscles: the chewing exercise from working on a bone benefits stretch and tone muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Why bones are excellent for your puppy’s mental health:

  • Reduced anxiety: the chewing process relieves stress and helps with anxiety in your paw-pal, which is linked to heart disease and high blood pressure.
  • Less bad behaviour: naughty puppy behaviours usually stem from boredom and by keeping your pup occupied with a bone, you’ll notice you have good pup more frequently.
  • Happiness chemicals: chewing on a bone releases endorphins, making your furball a happy one.

We have a range of raw bones for you to try with your pup. Why not add some to your next order? We’d recommend a maximum chew time of 30 minutes, especially if your puppy is new to bones. If you’re not sure where to start with raw bones and your pup, give our Customer Services team a call on the dog and bone and they’ll be happy to help and advise.


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