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Alice's Visit to House of Hugo

You may have recently seen a lot of posts on our social media about Gibbs the golden retriever. He is currently undergoing a serious diet and lifestyle change which will hopefully enable him to lose 20kg in the next 8 weeks.


Gibbs is currently 20kg overweight, he put on weight through no fault of his owners - it was a total accident and misunderstanding of instructions on the back of Gibbs previous food packaging.

We are now going to be feeding Gibbs for the duration (and hopefully beyond) his weight loss transformation while Leon (owner of House of Hugo Dog Hotel) will be doing hydrotherapy with him every day for the next 8 weeks (the length of the programme). The 8 week programme is being followed and filmed by ITV and lots of local tabloids and magazines, this is in preparation for Leon's new TV show 'Leon T the Canine Gut Buster'. Dates to be confirmed. 

House of Hugo is a very popular doggy hotel in Shoreham by Sea run by Canine nutritionist and all round doggy mad Leon Towers, and it sounded just like my idea of heaven, hence I couldn't resist a visit!

When I arrived at House of Hugo the sound and smell of happy dogs instantly brought a smile to my face, these are both very familiar senses to me. Leon was waiting at reception and Gibbs was on his way to meet me. I peered through a huge glass window where I could see about 40 dogs all playing happily, I could see two members of staff happily engaging with all of the dogs who clearly adored them.

Once Leon, myself and Gibbs had all been introduced we took some pictures and Leon took me on a tour. This place is AMAZING, alongside the play areas and hydrotherapy pool the doggy hotel also have a number of beautifully furnished hotel rooms. By this point of my tour I was wishing I was myself a dog so I could lounge in the beautifully finished bedrooms which were no doubt, fit for a king.

Leon and I then got chatting about how dogs end up overweight and this really opened my mind, the owner is not ALWAYS at fault and like Gibbs, sometimes its a total accident by owner error.

I have every faith that Gibbs will lose the 20kg in 8 weeks, Leon really is a miracle worker. He is a firm believer in raw food and thinks Benyfit Natural is best. Leon and I share a real passion and love for dogs and can't wait to work together in the future to bring our passion alive through diet and hydrotherapy.

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