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Benyfit Are Proud Sponsors of Belle Howlett & Her Border Collie Ami

Benyfit Natural is proud to sponsor the outstanding young Dog Agility pair, Belle Howlett and Ami her raw fed Border Collie dog.

Belle began her adventures in dog agility at the tender age of 6 years old. She was fortunate enough to start with an experienced dog that gained her knowledge and ring craft. Her first Crufts competition was when she was 8 years old and she has competed every year since.

Now Belle has her own dog Ami which she has trained for dog agility competitions and competes successfully.  

Among their past success they can list  the following achievements:

  • The Kennel Club International Festival 2014
  • The Starters Cup
  • Selected to represent Team UK in European CupDog Agility
  • They are the current leaders in the under12's UK Dog Training League.

Belle with her dog Ami are a fantastic partnership and we are expecting some great results from them this season.

Belle Howlett's Dog Agility Heritage

It is no coincidence that Belle is a natural dog handler as she has grown up in a dog training household with her mother Kate who is a very experienced agility dog handler and trainer.

Kate herself has been a member of CANIX GB Team and in 2008 won at Crufts.

She now runs a successful dog training establishment under the name of K9K8 (canine Kate).

Kate has fed raw meat natural feed to her competition dogs for several years and says since she has switched to Benyfit Natural raw dog food she has noticed a vast improvement in the dog's stamina and condition.


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