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Finbar The 5 Month-Old Puppy Is Raw Feeding On Benyfit Natural

Thank you to Chrissie Rose, for sending us this story about her pets, it's always lovely to get pet owner's feedback on our Benyfit raw dog food range.

Here's what Chrissie has to say about her pet furball Finbar.

"This is Finbar my 5 month old puppy who has been raw feeding on Benyfit Natural Puppy dog food since he was 8 weeks old and I find the food is amazing.

Fin is fit and healthy with a fantastic temperament and my friends all say how calm he is for a springer. I also have a Goldie who is 8years old who was diagnosed in June with arthritis, she could not walk up stairs or jump into my car without being lifted.

The vets recommended various drugs for her and after a month she was only slightly better but had put on 5 kilos .

So I weaned her of the drugs and I started her on the Benyfit Senior raw dog food range and her coat is silky her eyes are brighter and she has much more energy and is no longer in pain, and she has also lost 3kilos and the vet is delighted.

I cannot recommend Benyfit raw products more highly and I am delighted with both my dogs progress."

Chrissie Rose


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