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Why Dog Trainer Sarah Miles Feeds Her Dogs Benyfit Raw Dog Food

We are very pleased to have such distinguished dog trainers such as Sarah Miles feeding her canines our Benyfit Natural raw dog food. This is what Sarah has to say about us.

"Benyfit is a simple, straightforward way to feed raw. Easy to feed, no mess, no smell, no fiddling around with supplements, it is a complete raw feed which my 10 dogs clean up every day with no problems.

The condition of the dogs is paramount to me not only because of trialling, but during the season they pick up 3-4 days a week. In addition, as a trainer my dogs need to set an example to my clients, Benyfit fulfils all these requirements.

The dogs look fit and healthy, with good muscle tone, shiny coats, clean breath, clean teeth and the stamina to fulfil their roles. Even the fussy terrier loves it!

I have no hesitation in recommending Benyfit to my clients or any dog owner."

Sarah Miles Dog training Background

Dog Trainer Sarah Miles With Her Dogs

Sarah has been dog training across the South East over the past couple of decades and is the owner of Meonvalley gundogs.

She is unique in observing each dogs behaviour and understanding the dogs’ interaction with its owner and responding accordingly.

She has competed successfully with her dogs throughout the country in both field trials and working tests. Currently running three open dogs. She regularly represents gundog clubs in competitions and judges at Working Tests and Field Trials across the UK.

Sarah regularly picks up on various shoots in Hampshire with her team of labradors and cocker spaniels, including her stud dogs.

Sarah can be contacted through the following:

Petersfield, Hampshire


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