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We are here to answer any questions or queries you may have to help you find the perfect raw dog food for your pet.

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What Vets Are Saying

If the effects of raw feeding are so beneficial and it results in happier, healthier dogs, then why hasn't everyone made the switch?
There are lots of reasons. Mass-market, processed dog food really took off in the 1960s as a convenient way for people to feed their dogs. It's become automatic for many people to buy tins and packets of food without thinking too much about the ingredients. The food is made for dogs therefore it must be all right. But just as our understanding of the importance of food and nutrition for ourselves grows, so our knowledge of good feeding practices for dogs grows. The more we hear from experts and professionals - and as the availability of high quality raw dog food increases - the more accepting people are of alternatives. As raw feeders, we see first hand the enormous benefits of a raw dog food diet and now it's up to us to spread the word and convert others!
Why don't all vets shout about raw food?
Good question. Many vets have been keen to steer people away from cheap tinned food, by offering dried food alternatives. Often it's simply the case that vets don't know much about quality raw dog food - and its availability. But we're glad to say that's now changing. More professionals, such as vets, nutritionists and breeders, are recognising the value of a raw food diet on the health and general wellbeing of our pets. Many enlightened vets are now promoting raw food diets as a way to fight against skin disease and allergies, gland issues, obesity and diarrhoea, joint and digestion problems. Then there are the fussy eaters and the dogs that just won't put weight on! We know a raw dog food diet is the best possible solution to all these problems and owners will often see a transformation in days! The move towards natural raw food diets is unstoppable!
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