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So how did Benyfit Natural get to where it is today?

Benyfit Natural is almost unrecognisable today from how it started life - a simple idea to make and sell the most nutritious raw dog food and make it available for all dogs in the UK.

The idea for Benyfit Natural and raw dog food started as a conversation around Ben Van Praagh's kitchen table. About how difficult it was to find high-quality, carefully sourced and well-designed recipes and meals for dogs that mimicked the BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet they ate in the wild.

The conversation led to small-scale production of hand-made small-batch raw dog food for the dogs of friends and family. It very quickly became apparent that this food had incredible health, nutritional, behavioural and physical benefits for the dogs and so the huge step was taken to make this amazing raw dog food available to canine consumers nationwide.

The rest, as they say, is history...

  •  2010 - Ben started making raw dog food for his own dogs. The very first recipes were simply meat, bone and offal and Ben wanted to know how to improve the nutritional value, so he consulted with canine experts and vets to hone the recipes for the best nutritional content.

  •  March 2014 - The Benyfit Natural business was formally launched by Ben van Praagh. Started increasing manufacturing and selling online direct to customers.

  •  2015 - The first retailer came on board, Unique Pets in Aylesbury.

  •  March 2015 - Benyfit Natural joined the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA) as a founding member of the Raw Group, a dedicated group for commercial raw producers.

  •  August 2015 - Greg van Praagh joined Benyfit Natural.

  •  March 2016 - Benyfit Natural exhibited at Crufts for the first time.

  •  August 2016 - Exciting rebranding and new environmentally-friendly packaging released, all 100% recycled and recyclable.

  •  September 2016 - Exhibited at PATS, the pet industry show, and showed off new look for the first time.

  •  2016 - Holistic vet, Nick Thompson, joins the Benyfit Natural team of advisory consultants.

  •  June 2017 - Benyfit Natural moved into new offices in Sheffield Park, East Sussex. Move enabled upscale in production and everything on one site - manufacturing, production, head office...

  •  November 2017 - Professor Green joined the team as brand ambassador with his dogs, Ethel and Frank.

  •  May 2018 - 80 10 10 range launched, introducing new recipes without vegetables.

  •  October 2018 - Benyfit Natural merged with leading dog food manufacturer, Billy + Margot, all under the RPFC company umbrella.

  •  March 2019 - Greg became Vice Chairman of the PFMA, cementing Benyfit Natural's involvement at the forefront of the evolution of raw dog food.

  •  June 2019 - World Explorer range launched, new exotic recipes to tantalise tastebuds.

  •  February 2020 - Launch of fabulous new website, offering simple subscription service to make Benyfit Natural raw dog food widely and easily available to all.


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