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Raw Feeding: BARF vs Prey Model

Rachel Tivnann
September 18, 2020

When it comes to feeding your woof, there is a mind-boggling array of choices. Even when you have decided to raw feed, you are still faced with the choice of feeding the Prey model or following a BARF diet. But what are the differences between the two and how do you know which is best for your dog?

What is a BARF dog food diet?

Sounds nasty! But BARF actually means a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet (sometimes also called bones and raw food). It is an omnivorous diet in that it includes fruit, vegetables and some supplements alongside a large percentage of meat and offal. It mimics the diet that dogs and their ancestors would have eaten in the wild. It is only through domestication that so many animals, not just dogs, have moved away from their natural diets.

What is the Prey model of raw dog food?

The Prey model is a carnivorous diet that resembles the diet of an animal in the wild as closely as possible. There they would eat whole prey. That could be skin, muscle meat, bones, offal (including tripe), other organs, connective tissue, feathers, hide or hair, all as it comes, not processed in any way. Ancestral dogs would have eaten pretty much an entire wild animal, big or small, with the exception of the stomach contents, the skull and some hard leg bones (though these would have been gnawed for their calcium). The Prey model is 100% animal product with no fruit, vegetables or dairy. Some manufactured Prey food includes small amounts of supplement, such as Omega 3, as these have been depleted by modern farming methods.




Is Benyfit Natural raw dog food BARF or Prey?

We make raw dog food that fits into both categories.
Our BARF recipe ranges include our Complete (80*20) meals which are 80% meat and offal and 20% vegetables and botanicals. There are no grains, cereals or fillers and no added synthetic vitamins and minerals, just nutrient-dense meat in its raw state and supplementary botanicals such as flaxseed oil, kelp and turmeric, carefully selected by our nutritionists for their optimum value. 
The Benyfit Natural Prey method-based recipes are the 80*10*10 meat feast range. They contain meat, bone and offal and nothing else. The meat is chopped up for easier storage and packaging and there are no feathers, hide or hair, but the principle is based on your dog eating whole prey.


How do I choose between BARF and Prey raw dog food?

It comes down to you and your dog. Which do they prefer? Which foods do you feel they need in their diet? Some dogs love a big meaty bowlful, others prefer more of a mix. The Prey model can be better suited to those dogs that suffer with allergies, itchy skin, hotspots or diet-related yeast intolerances as there are no vegetables that release yeast-feeding enzymes. (Switching your dog to a vegetable-free diet will often stop excessive itching and scratching as well.) If you go for the Prey option, you could supplement it with a probiotic. BARF food is usually complete, requiring no supplementary feeding.  

If you have any questions about BARF vs. Prey raw dog food, our customer services team will be happy to help and advise for your dog. Give us a call on 01892 770188 or email

Rachel Tivnann
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