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Animotics: Probiotics for Dogs

Here at Benyfit Natural we are committed to providing all woofs with a wholesome, nutritious and delicious diet. A high-quality raw dog food diet helps our pups remain in top health, inside and out, and we know all our furry friends and their pawrents see the raw food benefits every day.

We’re excited to introduce a new product into our range to help supplement your woof’s internal health even more: Animotics, a Probiotic paste suitable for both dogs and cats.

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are good bacteria. Our bodies, and those of our dogs, are full of bacteria and in the case of your woof, they outnumber cells by ten to one. Most of these live in the gut and are harmless. In fact, good gut bacteria support many positive aspects of health, including immune function, weight, skin and digestion, and this also applies to our dogs. Adding Probiotics to your dog’s diet can further increase the quantity of good bacteria, leading to an even healthier gut.

Doesn’t a raw food diet help with good gut health?

A raw food diet is the best option for good gut health. But just like we humans sometimes supplement our diets with a Probiotic yoghurt to support our gut health, we can now give the same to our dogs using Animotics.

When would I need to give my dog a Probiotic?

A Probiotic like Animotics is particularly useful to boost your pet’s gut health. Humans often take them after a stomach complaint, or to counteract side effects of antibiotics. In the case of your woofs, there are several instances when Animotics could be used:

  • Equalise the stomach after an upset (particularly if your dog is a scrounger)
  • Lessen the effect of a switch in diet
  • Improve performance
  • Help with behaviour
  • Following surgery or veterinary intervention
  • Support microorganisms in the gut and immune function
  • During stressful or upsetting periods

Animotics won’t harm your dog as it is a completely natural and supportive formulation so if you think your dog is looking a little off colour, a few doses of Animotics could be really helpful. It’s easy to give as well, either directly into the mouth or added to food. You can store it in the fridge with your chilled raw food too.

Why did we choose Animotics?

Our nutritionists wanted to know that we were supplying the very best Probiotic possible. Animotics contains four different strains of Probiotic bacteria and as many as 22 billion units – that’s a lot of good bacteria going straight into your dog’s digestive system! It also has added antioxidants and is sugar-free, additive-free and contains no gluten, wheat or soy.

We could also see first-hand how Animotics benefitted our dogs. Here’s what one pawrent, Michael, said: ‘Our dog Roly was bonkers - more than your average Spaniel! He verged on the side of neurotic with constant liquid poo. He had suffered from Giardia as a pup and has never been ‘normal’ since! We were recommended Animotics by a friend and it has truly worked. His stomach issues have settled, and he is, dare I say, calmer (for a spaniel!)’.

Why not give Animotics a go for your dog (and cat, if you have one). You can order it along with your normal raw dog food order or give our Customer Services team a call on 01892 770188 and they’ll be happy to help.

Animotics probiotics for dogs


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