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4 Signs It’s Time To Switch To Natural Dog Food

Did you know that feeding your four-legged friend natural dog food is helping to ensure a healthier lifestyle for your dog, as well as being the secret to a long and happier life? Well, feeding a nutritionally balanced diet can make all the difference to the health of your furry friend.

Are you wondering about the ways to determine if you should get new dog food? Then why not check out the top signs which indicate that it’s time to switch your pup to a vet-recommended food.

It’s a long-held misconception that dogs should be on the same diet all throughout their life. The truth is, the dietary needs of pets change with the passage of time. As they start aging, their nutritional needs change, leading to the need for healthier food. This may be due to several factors like their overall health, the level of their activities or the stage of life they are in. And, switching your pet to a reputed natural dog food brand can be a wise choice.

Below are the signs which determine that your dog needs a nutritionally balanced food!

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Signs Which Indicate That It’s Time To Feed Natural Dog Food To Your Pet.

  1. Senioritis - Depending on what the size of your dog is, pets are considered as middle-aged when they are around 5 to 7 years. And, as your dog starts aging, their nutritional requirements will change too. For example, seniors need a diet which is higher in fibre, lower in calories and have supplements that are specific to its age. It is due to such reasons that vets recommend feeding holistic food to senior dogs.
  1. Stinky Litter - In spite of using various kinds of air fresheners, are you still observing an unbearable smell? It’s time to switch your dog to vet recommended natural dog food. Stinky litter even indicates digestive issues. Even when your pet suffers from digestive upsets, it can result in irregular or loose bowels. In such cases, transitioning your dog to natural dog food can be a wise decision in such cases.
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  1. Lethargy Or Weakness - If your pup has recently undergone a major illness, a surgery or a stressful event, it’s understandable that he will be a bit worn out. Diets which boast of high levels of antioxidants can help you improve your immune system for accelerating your pet’s recovery. Additionally, whenever a pet starts acting lethargic or weak, consider getting it examined by an experienced veterinarian before making any dietary change. 
  1. Frequent Upsets -  It’s true that just like humans, even your dog will get sick. But, when this happens frequently, a switching to a reputed food brand is important. Though pups can fall sick for a number of reasons, frequent vomiting isn’t normal. Increasing the frequency of what you are feeding your dog can be very time-consuming and thus you should consider feeding raw dog food in the UK to your pup.
  • Did you notice any of the above signs in your pet? Quickly approach a reliable pet food brand and bring home the best holistic food for your dog. Remember; a healthy dog is a happy dog, and natural dog food is one way to achieving that!


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