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Benyfit Natural Customer Testimonials

Our Benyfit Natural customers and their dogs have some wonderful stories to tell about their experiences with raw feeding and how it has transformed their woof's lives. And we love to hear them.

Below are a selection of customer feedback comments that highlight the benefits of raw food for dogs, and a BIG thank-you to our customers for sharing them.

We'd love to hear about your experiences with raw feeding - Tell us about your dog too.


Wendy & 'Bertie'

"Our cockapoo Bertie had terrible skin allergies, had problems with his ears and tummy upsets. We tried every hypoallergenic processed food going also vet put him on Apoquel, still no change. We then discovered Benyfit 80 10 10 and he is a changed dog. His skin and coat are lovely, ears clear and clean and tummy perfect. In fact, he had a health check today and the vet commented, what a lovely healthy boy he was."

Carol & 'Lilly'

"After trying to get Lily on a healthy diet for 4 years I was introduced to Benyfit Natural by a lovely lady at Kenelgate. When I first started her on their raw food I didn't think she was getting enough because she seemed ravenous all the time so I contacted them. The next day I got a call from Benyfit and they put my mind at rest about the amount she was having and gave me loads of advice on her diet. The variety also means that she can have different flavours often, although she's not to keen on the Tasty Chicken but she loves the Meat Feast."

Belle Howlett: 'Ami & Leia'

"Thank you Benyfit Natural for your continuing sponsorship and fuelling our dogs with such Brilliant food. Once again the proof of how well our dogs are doing on it was shown at the UK agility grand finals where Leia and I won the Grand Prix which I'm thrilled about. Our dogs will now be having a well deserved agility break after a very successful year."

Samantha & 'Lucy'

"Thanks for the info, I am feeding Lucy the complete succulent beef and she also loves the complete tasty turkey range . She loves these products and her skin is the best I have seen for a long time it's healthy again and her fur is growing back fantastic ! I have spent hundreds of pounds at the vets to no avail. It was only by chance that I spoke to a lady who said to me "try him on a raw food diet" and our local pet food store zoahs in neath South Wales showed me your products in their freezer. I am so so glad. Thank you so much."

Penny & 'Geisha'

“We all know Geisha is beautiful on the outside but now she is beautiful on the inside, she licks her bowl clean and runs back to the kitchen for more! Such a happier dog now she's on benyfit thank you guys and girls”

Sarah & 'Barfi'

“Hi - my name is Barfi. I was rescued by the wonderful Nowzad charity from the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan. Since arriving at Heathrow a few weeks ago, Benyfit has transformed my appearance (even my eyes have changed colour) and helped greatly to calm my excitable nature and hard wired instinct to catch anything that moves for supper!”

Sara & 'Harry'

"Harry loves his Benyfit food so much he's always licking his lips he hears his bowl and comes running — and it's helping with his itchy skin. It also keeps him healthy, happy and energetic with a lovely shiny coat!"

Chrisse & 'Finbar'

"This is Finbar my five-month old puppy who has been fed on Benyfit Natural Puppy food since he was eight weeks old and I find the food is amazing. Fin is fit and healthy with a fantastic temperament and my friends all say how calm he is for a springer."

Karen & 'Newton'

“Newton loves his Benyfit food because it keeps him acting like a puppy & wanting to take himself for a walk, even though he's nine!”

Sue & 'Caz'

"Caz loves the food and has lots of energy which is perfect as the shooting season is nearly upon us and she will be working very hard, out 3-4 times a week".

Robyn & 'Bella'

“So glad I switched my Bella to Benyfit Natural. Other foods were not good on her stomach and struggled to find something to suit her. We thought we would give this a try and she loves it! Clean bowl every time.”

Elizabeth & 'Denver'

“I'm Denver, and I'm 8 months old. I love benyfit. Gives me lots of energy to chase rabbits, birds, pesky squirrels, leaves oh and stinky moo cows (though they're a bit scary) Mom say it makes my poop small which makes her happy.”

Karen & 'The Girls'

“We love Benyfit it keeps our coats glossy, stops our paws itching, keeps our tummies happy and gives us oodles of energy! The food is exceptionally yummy and we both seem to need to lick the bowl clean with every feed`”

Kirsty & 'Fedsig'

“This is Fedsig, he loves Benyfit, it keeps him fit for all those demos and displays he does!! Benyfit food is exceptionally good, it has been received wonderfully by young Fedsig who seems to need to lick the bowl clean with every feed”

Stephanie & 'Roscoe'

"Roscoe is a 10 year old Rottweiler Husky cross. A big dog, he developed arthritis and an unstable hock and it was evident he was suffering. Under guidance from Ben at Benyfit Natural, a controlled diet with Benyfit Natural Senior brought his weight down almost 10 kg. The arthritis isn't cured of course but he is has no other health issues and is full of life, good spirit and his weight has been easily maintained."


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