Whats in the name?

Already February?! Well its taken me a while to get this new blog running, that and the fact I run 2 businesses, (well truthfully 3) and have 10 dogs that need me... Yes 10, so lets start the New Year new blog with River. 

River, or to give him his proper name, Ivormyth River Pheonix, is my latest addition. A red dog, never wanted a red dog, chocolate, brown, whatever you want to call it but then I never wanted a white face dog, yet there's George, or to give him his proper name, Feroda George Looney, seeing the theme?

River pictured on the left (Georgie pictured right).

Fascinates me how people come up with names for dogs, and in the showing world and agility world there are many weird ones. Its the same in any sphere I guess. Pen names, Stage names, Band names etc, its all a magical world of sticking pins in, discussion, random words and eventually you have something thats sticks.

Why would you call a band "Wet, Wet, Wet"? "Duran Duran"? "The The"? I could list hundreds as music is one of my passions, but you get the drift. So just to start this blog, how did my dogs get their names? How did we get to River?

In age order...

Lily Fudge Cake, No idea where the fudge cake came from, it doesnt follow Lily, I wanted a flower theme, nature theme, but one day just blurted it out so registered her with that name.

Olli Ob Knob, seemed to fit as for some reason we were now on sweets, cakes, biscuits so after the Mcvities Hobnob, however only once in the history of Ollis agility career has it been pronounced correctly. Deemed rude? So often pronounced Obi K Nobi (a lot of Star Wars fans out there with dirty minds who dont eat biscuits!).

Irish Secret, well she was a rescue, she was brought over from Ireland, and at the time I was on a pedigree collie breed list, and I didnt want her to find out I was after this girl and ruin it, so I kept it secret. Simple, and she was called Twix in the rescue, so followed the chocolate, cake, biscuit theme....but not in her name.

George Looney, well hes gorgeous, handsome, steely silver hair it had to be the gorgeous Actor, he is also a Blue Merle collie and they are known to be slightly mental, so looney fitted... and totally not following nature or sweet stuff! 


Pictured above, George. 

Oaky Dokey Blokey...Well, he was hand raised by me from 3 weeks old, and was tiny, a little Acorn, but we knew he was a fighter and would blossom into that mighty Oak. He was meant to be my husbands dog, he and his mate call each other "Bloke" so it just all sort of fell into place. Nothing to do with sweets or actors. 

River Pheonix, the actor didnt have red hair, and is unfortunately dead but was quite attractive, and I had to have a mythical type name incorporated as his litter was the Harry Potter litter. Pheonix covered that, and in my little note book of possible puppy names was River. 

So thats how names come about. No rhyme or reason in mine really, but they all fit and I love them all.

Pictured above, Dani and some of the Feroda Gang!


Blog written by Dani Jeffery

Blog edited and posted by Alice Cousins


Ben Van Praagh
Ben Van Praagh


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Carol Ashley
Carol Ashley

March 01, 2017

Brilliant piece of blogging, as usual! Very informative and really interesting.
Looking forward to the next one!

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