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How Can I Dispose Of My Polystyrene Boxes?

We have recently been asked by some of our customers how best to 'dispose' of our Poly boxes! What better way to answer than with a blog?

Firstly if you would like to entirely 'get rid' of your poly box then it can be taken to your local Councils tip, from here they can be recycled. They can also go in your normal household rubbish. Unfortunately they cannot be recycled at your home.

At Benyfit Natural HQ poly boxes are used for all sorts of different purposes! Ranging from storage boxes to recycling bins! We have come up with a few different ways in which our boxes can be re used if you're stuck for ideas!

1. They can be used to grow tomatoes in (tried and tested at HQ). They are also great crocks for plants and help with drainage of excess water too.

2. Insulation - they can be used as 'cold frames' to protect your delicate plants! Similarly they can be used to keep your food hot or cold! We recently took a Poly box filled with food away with us, the food stayed frozen for 3 whole days! At the other end of the spectrum they can be used to keep food warm (of course they must be cleaned for this use). 

3. Get arty! The polystyrene makes a great foam board, it can be useful for a 'reminder' pin board and a great canvas if you're feeling extra arty!

4. Animal bedding, we were recently sent this picture from one of our Benyfit Buddies...

It turns out our Poly boxes make brilliant warm, safe and cosy beds for hedgehogs! 

Whatever it is you do with yours, be sure to send us pictures as we are always open to new ideas and we strive to make things as easy as possible for our amazing customers! 


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