What the vet says

If the effects of raw feeding are so beneficial ... if it results in happier, healthier dogs, then why hasn't everyone made the switch?

What's stopping vets from making the case, loud and clear?

Good questions!

There are lots of factors. Mass-market, processed dog food really took off in the 1960s as a convenient way for people to feed their dogs. So it's become automatic for people to buy tins and packets of food without thinking that much about the ingredients.

Many vets have been keen to steer people away from cheap tinned food, by offering dried food alternatives. Often it's simply the case that vets don't know much about quality raw dog food - and its availability. But now that's changing ...

More thoughtful vets are recommending raw food

The move towards natural raw food diets is unstoppable. More professionals such as vets, nutritionists and breeders are all recognising the value that a raw food diet has on the health and general wellbeing of our pets. Many enlightened vets are now promoting raw food diets as a way to fight against skin disease and allergies, gland issues, obesity and diarrhoea, joint and digestion problems. Then there are the fussy eaters and the dogs that just won't put weight on! Their owners will often see a transformation in days!

At Benyfit Natural, we're aware there's a transformation happening - and we're glad to play our part.

Our customers and their dogs deserve the best - with a natural raw food diet.

Read about the benefits of our products and their healthy ingredients.

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Want more information?

Visit the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society or Find a Raw Food Vet.


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