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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to answer any questions or queries you may have to help you find the perfect raw dog food for your pet.

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Subscription Questions

What are the benefits of a subscription for raw dog food?
A subscription takes away the hassle of having to go out and buy food. Simply work out how much food you'll need and how often, set up your subscription and that's it. Delicious, frozen raw dog food is delivered when you need it. perfect for managing space in your freezer. Going away and need less food? Simply skip the next delivery.
Can I change my flavours?
Yes. Just go to your subscription set up and swap the flavours around. Perfect if your dog suddenly goes off a particular flavour!
Can I cancel at any time?
Yes. No penalties or get-out fees for cancelling your subscription. You can also skip deliveries if you have enough supplies or adjust the frequency of your delivery.
How often is the raw dog food delivered?
As often as you require. Ideal if you have limited freezer space.
Do I save any money?
You will receive 10% off your first order. After that, you will save time, hassle and inconvenience.
Can I sign up for a subscription if I've got more than one dog?
Yes. You will need to put in the weight of each dog so we can work out how much food you will need. If any more dogs join your family, you can add them to your subscription at any time as well. If the details about your dogs change at any time, you can update them or call our Customer Services team on 01892 770188.
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