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Our Recycling Promise

Benyfit Natural is passionate about recycling, sustainability and the environment. We are always looking for ways to reduce our footprint while still maintaining our high levels of product quality.

The Reduce, Reuse, Recycle mantra runs through every stage of product development, from sourcing ingredients to shipping to you and your disposal of the packaging.


You might look at our packaging and wonder how we can make these claims. But we have taken great care to source containers that are fully recycled and recyclable, reducing the need for extra resources. We understand that you need to be careful when cleaning and storing the plastic containers ready to recycle, but as with any other raw food, as long as good hygiene practices are followed, the packaging won’t pose a health risk. We also carefully plan our deliveries to make sure as few trips as possible are made.

Future plans - We have considered compostable and plant-based packaging but haven’t yet found a solution that doesn’t require plastic to be used for sealing or a solution that has a satisfactory positive environmental impact. We’ll keep looking though.


We wouldn’t recommend reusing the plastic trays after use as they have contained raw food. Benyfit Natural raw dog food is packed in poly boxes for shipping to you. This is the most effective method to keep the food as frozen as possible; allowing it to reach you in tip top condition. It is difficult to recycle these boxes as very few councils have the facilities. And it really isn’t cost effective to send them back to us for disposal. They can be reused for storage or helping keep food cold if you’re defrosting the freezer, but realistically don’t have many opportunities for a second life.

Future plans - We are currently investigating a different and much more eco-friendly option. And we have looked into lambswool, compostable packaging and cardboard as alternatives to the poly boxes but none of those tick all of our boxes.


The plastic food tubs can be recycled with your normal household plastic waste. The card sleeves around each one can also easily be recycled. These go into your usual household card and paper recycling box.

Future plans - We have had samples of alternative wood-free paper sources for all our printed material and this is something we hope to be able to implement sooner rather than later.

Sustainability in the future:

Our plans going forward are to maintain our current good practices and improve where necessary. We are always seeking ways to reduce our carbon footprint further. A different thermal packaging option remains at the top of our areas on which to improve.

At Benyfit Natural, we strive for complete transparency in our entire food production process. We have nothing to hide from our customers and our customer service team is always happy to answer any questions relating to this.

We subscribe to industry best practice in every aspect of our business and will maintain this pace alongside any developments, changes or improvements in the wider industry.

If you know of any incredible packaging solutions that might work for us, we’d love to hear about them. Please call us on 01892 770188 or email

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