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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to answer any questions or queries you may have to help you find the perfect raw dog food for your pet.

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Raw Dog Food Questions

Is Benyfit Natural raw dog food expensive?
For less than the cost of a cup of coffee from your favourite high street coffee shop, you can feed your dog with high grade, ethically sourced and nutritionally balanced raw dog food. We think that's pretty good value for money. And it's also worth considering the long-term cost savings, like fewer vet bills - feeding your dog with Benyfit Natural food can help prevent obesity, allergies, tooth decay and a whole raft of health problems, especially as they get older.
How much should I feed and how often?
It depends on the size of your dog. Take a look at our feeding guide for an idea. It will also help you work out how much you need to buy, depending on how much you can store. As a general rule, adult dogs require feeding twice a day and puppies 3- 4 times. Pregnant bitches will need more and older dogs may need less. Be guided by your dog - but within reason! Once they start tucking into Benyfit Natural raw dog food, it might be difficult to get them to stop!
How do I make the transition to raw feeding?
Start by calculating your dog's daily raw food ration using our handy feeding calculator (head to the Customer Support section). Administer our Animotics Probiotics Paste twice a day for three days. Then do a straight switch onto a bland complete recipe e.g. Perfect Puppy, Tripe Complete, Tasty Turkey, Tender Chicken. Each week introduce one new protein and monitor for intolerances (monitor your dog's appetite, stool and behaviour). When your dog has tried all proteins aim to feed at least 4 different proteins weekly. After 2-4 weeks introduce raw meaty bones 3-4 times weekly. Ideally, meals should be given about 12 hours apart. Raw food digests much quicker so feed the evening meal after 6pm. Any questions or concerns at all, please call us. Our Responsible Raw Feeding Guide by Dr Adele Fitzpatrick lays out how to transition to raw smoothly in simple steps, and gives some handy raw feeding hints & tips. For a copy, please email
How many proteins should I feed?
As many as possible! Dogs thrive on protein, especially working dogs. Because Benyfit Natural raw dog food is nutritionally balanced and made with human-grade, ethically sourced and protein-rich meat, you can be sure your dog will get enough. Aim to feed a variety of at least 4 proteins per week. If your dog has a sensitive tum, some proteins can be hard to digest which is why we have a Sensitive range.
What are the benefits of raw dog food and raw feeding?
The benefits are almost too many to list. But they include improved life expectancy, better skin, joints, teeth and coats, as well as help to overcome digestion problems, constipation, diarrhoea, weight issues (overweight and underweight), and also as a way to balance temperament and energy levels. Why? Because this is the food they were meant to eat in nature. Read about the Raw Benefits for more details.
My dog has dietary requirements, can it eat raw dog food?
Yes. A raw dog food diet will be far more beneficial and you will probably notice an easing of sysmptoms. The Benyfit Natural Sensitive Recipe is designed with such dogs in mind. It does not contain offal and is low in purine and fat too.
Can we talk about poo?
Of course! This is a very important subject for any dog owner. Your dog's poo gives an insight into their health and wellbeing. Dogs on a raw dog food diet will produce a smaller quantity of stool than those fed on kibble or processed food because more nutrients can be absorbed from raw food, meaning less waste and less pungency! The colour of your dog's poo is a good indicator too. Anything other than chocolate brown indicates something is amiss, such as too much calcium or bone (white poo) or bleeding in the digestive tract (red or black poo). Different proteins result in different poo as well. Keep an eye on stool consistency too. You really want something that's firm, easy to pick up and is passed without straining. And if you are concerned about your dog's toilet habits or output, please seek the advice of your vet.
What is the difference between complete food and complementary food?
Complete food is just what is says - a complete and balanced meal, containing everything your dog needs, meat, vegetables and botanicals. (Read about the BARF method of feeding). Complementary food is vegetable free, consisting of 80% meat, 10% offal and 10% bone. Perfect for dogs with allergies and based on the Prey model of feeding.
Can I feed bones to my dog?
Yes, as long as they are raw and not cooked. Cooked bones can be very dangerous. They can split into shards and harm your dog's mouth, throat, digestive tract and stomach. But raw bones are safe for them, as well as being highly nutritious and great for cleaning teeth. You must always supervise your dog when they are eating raw bone.
My dog loves crunching on kibble. Can I add it to his Benyfit Natural raw dog food?
No. Apart from the fact that Benyfit Natural meals are nutritionally balanced and meet all your dog’s nutritional needs, kibble and raw food are digested differently. Kibble can take up to 16 hours to digest while raw dog food only takes 4-6 hours. Feeding both together can put unnecessary strain on your dog’s digestive system and should be avoided.
Benyfit Natural raw dog food contains bone. Isn’t that dangerous for dogs?
Raw bone is a natural part of a raw dog food diet. We include bone in all of our recipes in small pieces. Cooked bone can be very dangerous for dogs because once cooked it becomes soft and can easily splinter, causing problems in the mouth, digestive tract and stomach. But raw bone is extremely good for dogs and they love it. It’s moisture-rich, full of calcium and phosphorous which are vital for bone and tooth health, and it’s easy to digest. If you give your dog raw bone in additon to Benyfit Natural raw dog food, be sure it is appropriate for your dog’s size and that you supervise them at all times while they’re eating.
Can my dog get worms from raw dog food?
Benyfit Natural raw dog food is frozen immediately after manufacture and this process would kill any parasites which would be highly unlikely to be present anyway. Your dog is more likely to pick up worms while investigating other animal poo in the park or woods.
Is Benyfit Natural frozen raw dog food safe to feed and handle? What about bacteria?
Food safety is our number one priority at Benyfit Natural and we make sure we safeguard the health of everyone involved in the handling of our raw dog food, from our staff on the production line to you, our customer, and your dogs. Our manufacturing and production plant in East Sussex is managed in line with UK and European food safety legislation. All our ingredients are fully traceable from our purchase to yours. The Benyfit Natural delivery service is designed to deliver fresh frozen raw dog food directly to your door, still frozen and ready to put straight into your freezer. As with any handling of raw meat, whether it’s for human or animal consumption, good hygiene practices should always be followed. Care should be taken when handling, storing and preparing raw foods. And remember to defrost your Benyfit Natural raw dog food on the bottom shelf of your fridge to avoid contamination of other foods.
You talk about Biologically Appropriate Raw Food and BARF quite a lot. What does it actually mean?
A Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF for short) diet is simply one that mimics the diet that dogs and their ancestors would have eaten in the wild. The diet they are evolved to eat. It is only through domestication that so many animals have moved away from their natural diets. Benyfit Natural raw dog food follows the BARF principles which include a high proportion of different types of fresh, raw meat, such as is found in the wild, and some fresh vegetables and fruit. There are no grains, cereals or fillers and no added synthetic vitamins and minerals, just nutrient-dense meat in its raw state. Our BARF recipe ranges include 80*20 and World Explorer which are 80% meat and offal and 20% vegetables and botanicals.
What about the Prey model of feeding? Is that different to BARF?
The Prey model resembles the diet of an animal in the wild as closely as possible – eating whole prey. So that could be skin, muscle meat, bones, offal (including tripe), connective tissue, feathers, hide or hair as it comes, not processed in any way. This is how Benyfit Natural’s raw dog food recipes are designed – except that the meat is chopped up for easier storage and packaging and there are no feathers, hide or hair. The Prey model is 100% animal product. No fruit, vegetables or dairy. Some Prey food may contain a small amount of supplement, such as Omega 3, as modern farming methods have led to a reduction in naturally occurring levels. The Benyfit Natural prey method raw dog food recipes are the 80*10*10 range with just meat, bone and offal….raw dog food kept simple.
Is it ok for my dog to have such a high protein diet?
We get asked this question a lot! The short answer is yes, it’s fine. There are often scare stories around high protein diets, but dozens of studies have firmly shown they are just scare stories. The diet our dogs ate in the wild was predominantly protein-based because that’s what they’re biologically programmed to survive on. The closer we can match our raw dog food recipes, the closer to a natural diet we are providing and the more beneficial it is for our dogs. Of course, not all dogs are the same and some might have specific dietary needs due to underlying health conditions. The Benyfit Natural Sensitive range and our Meat Feast Turkey meal are both perfect for such dogs.
What are the health benefits of feeding my dog a BARF or Prey diet?
We are becoming more and more knowledgeable about the health benefits of whole food and balanced diets for ourselves and we know that highly processed foods do not hold a great deal of nutritional value and can ultimately affect our health. This is no different for our dogs. They are not ‘designed’ to eat a diet high in processed food. A raw dog food diet has all the natural nutritional value your dog needs. The absence of additives and the unprocessed nature of raw dog food has a whole host of health benefits: improved skin, better digestion, more balanced energy levels and better behaviour, cleaner teeth, fresher breath, smaller and less odorous stools, as well as a greatly reduced risk of obesity, diabetes, liver and kidney disease – there are almost too many to list! And by giving your dog the best chance of a long and healthy life, you are reducing the need for vet visits as well. Happy dog AND happy wallet.
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