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Benyfit Natural Pet Food Ltd

Recall of Products containing Beef

We are recalling batches of raw dog food Beef products as a precaution, following the detection of salmonella in another un-released beef product. This was detected as part of our ongoing testing program. No other batch numbers are affected by this product recall.

This includes the following products:- 80*10*10 Beef Meat Feast, Beef & Tripe and Succulent Beef in 500g and 1Kg packs with the following Batch numbers:-

Batch Number // Best Before Date

80*10*10 Beef Meat Feast – 1Kg

  • 046-076 // 16/03/21
  • 046-083 // 23/03/21
  • 046-093 // 02/04/21
  • 046-100 // 09/04/21

80*10*10 Beef Meat Feast – 500g

  • 047-076 // 16/03/21
  • 047-083 // 23/03/21
  • 047-093 // 02/04/21
  • 047-100 // 09/04/21

Beef & Tripe – 1Kg

  • 013-077 // 17/03/21
  • 013-085 // 25/03/21
  • 013-093 // 02/04/21
  • 013-100 // 09/04/21

Beef & Tripe – 500g

  • 014-077 // 17/03/21
  • 014-086 // 25/03/21
  • 014-093 // 02/04/21
  • 014-100 // 09/04/21

Succulent Beef – 1Kg

  • 010-083 // 23/03/21
  • 010-087 // 27/03/21
  • 010-090 // 30/03/21
  • 010-100 // 09/04/21

Succulent Beef – 500g

  • 011-083 // 23/03/21
  • 011-090 // 30/03/21
  • 011-100 // 09/04/21

The batch number can be found on the white ticket on the short side of the tub.


What you should do

If you have bought these Beef Products as detailed above, do not feed them to your pet.

  • Check if you have bought the affected batch of the Beef Products detailed above with the corresponding batch numbers
  • You can do this by taking a picture of this notice or writing down the batch code(s) for reference at home.
  • Return the product(s) to the store for a full refund (with or without a receipt).

      Want more information?
      For more information contact Benyfit Natural Pet Food on 01892 770 188 during Business hours or email


      To start with, we pride ourselves on delivering real, ethical and, importantly, safe products to consumers and their pets.

      We are pet parents too and nothing is more important to us. With that in mind, we extend our sincere apologies for any inconvenience or distress this issue may have caused.

      Am I and my family safe?

      Handling raw petfood is no different to handling uncooked chicken.  The risk of contracting Salmonella or any other infection from raw petfood is low provided you have followed good hygiene practices when handling it.  Always wash your hands, utensils, feeding bowls and surfaces with hot water and detergent after handling or feeding raw petfood.  Ensure all those in the household wash their hands after being in contact with raw petfood and before taking food. We monitor consumer complaints closely and we have not had any complaints on any of the batches included in the recall.

      Is my dog safe?

      Dogs rarely show any signs of Salmonella. Unless your dog is suffering from another condition it is very unlikely to fall ill.  If you are unsure contact your vet for further advice. We monitor consumer complaints closely and we have not had any complaints on any of the batches included in the recall.

      Have you had any reports of sick pets from eating this food?

      No, we have not received any reports of unwell pets, however, are voluntarily issuing a recall for these products

      What are the signs that a dog is sick from Salmonella?

      It is uncommon for dogs to show signs of illness after ingesting food infected with Salmonella, however senior/geriatric dogs, young puppies or dogs already suffering from another medical condition may experience illness.

      Some dogs that are exposed to Salmonella can experience diarrhoea and/or vomiting, and some may also seem lethargic or have a loss of appetite.

      If you have any concerns about the health of your pet, please contact your attending veterinarian and contact our team.

      Benyfit Natural @benyfitnatural @benyfitnatural