Our Story

Have you ever had a really good idea - and wondered if it would work?

Maybe something you could invent at home, in your kitchen?

Imagine the scene ... tables covered in ingredients, kitchen mixers whirring away, recipes and quantities being scribbled down ... and some very interested Labradors, noses pressed up to the back door window, waiting for 'tasting time'.

The man on the right is Ben Van Praagh, our founder.

After a successful career in business, Ben wanted a change - and trained as a chef.

But pretty soon his other passion - for dog breeding and training working dogs - prompted some fresh ideas.

"I got chatting with a friend who was enthusiastic about raw food diets for dogs," says Ben.

"It made perfect sense. In the wild, dogs eat all sorts of raw meat and bone, as well as grazing on plants and vegetables. They don't go cooking up 'turkey and bacon risottos' for themselves - or make little dried pellets that all taste the same. But we give them this kind of food which can actually be full of carbs and entirely wrong for their digestive systems, causing health problems and obesity."

Ben looked at all the 'raw' and 'complete' products available but found they all missed the mark. Put simply, they just weren't good enough for his Labradors.

So Ben began carrying out research, asking experts, creating recipes and changing the diet of his dogs. Suddenly, they looked fitter, happier and started performing much better at competitions!

Friends noticed too - and the orders started to flood in.

Ben started making our food designed for working dogs in batches and freezing packs. But demand grew and grew.

So Benyfit Natural was formed in 2014, making working dog food. Ben was joined by son Greg and a team of talented people with energy, ideas and a passion for natural raw dog food.

So much has happened since then - and there are lots of exciting developments coming soon!

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