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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to answer any questions or queries you may have to help you find the perfect raw dog food for your pet.

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How to Store Raw Dog Food

Where do I store raw dog food?
Benyfit Natural only supply frozen raw dog food. It needs to be stored in a freezer. Once defrosted, the food will last for four days in a fridge
Can I feed raw dog food still frozen?
Yes. You could try feeding both frozen and defrosted to see which your dog prefers. Frozen will - should - take longer to eat and will be more difficult for smaller dogs with smaller teeth.
Can I defrost raw dog food in the microwave?
No. Defrosting in a microwave may result in hotspots. You are also at risk of cooking any pieces of bone which, no matter how small, can be dangerous for dogs. Also, leaving the food defrosting for too long in a microwave means some of the nutrients in the food will get lost as they heat up.
How do I properly defrost frozen raw dog food?
The best way to defrost Benyfit Natural frozen raw dog food is overnight in the fridge. Take a tray of food from your freezer, pop it on a plate and leave in the fridge overnight. It'll then be ready to serve as you need it.
How long does Benyfit Natural raw dog food take to defrost?
Benyift Natural raw dog food is in handy 500g and 1kg tubs, easy to leave in the fridge to defrost. The 500g tub should defrost overnight and the 1kg tub will take a little longer.
Can I keep raw dog food with human food?
Yes. Our handy tubs have resealable lids so no separate storage facility is needed. Remember to follow standard hygiene rules when it comes to handling any kind of raw meat products.
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