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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to answer any questions or queries you may have to help you find the perfect raw dog food for your pet.

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Handling Raw Dog Food

How should I handle raw dog food?
Make sure you use any thawed food in good time - Benyfit Natural raw dog food is good for four days once thawed, so only thaw as much as you need for that period.
Can I get salmonella from raw dog food?
As long as you follow good hygiene practices, there is absolutely no reason why you'd be at risk of contracting salmonella. Clean your hands after handling raw dog food and clean any surfaces with anti-bacterial solution - just as you would with any raw meat product.
Is Benyfit Natural frozen raw dog food safe to feed and handle? What about bacteria?
Food safety is our number one priority at Benyfit Natural and we make sure we safeguard the health of everyone involved in the handling of our raw dog food, from our staff on the production line to you, our customer, and your dogs. Our manufacturing and production plant in East Sussex is managed in line with UK and European food safety legislation. All our ingredients are fully traceable from our purchase to yours. The Benyfit Natural delivery service is designed to deliver fresh frozen raw dog food directly to your door, still frozen and ready to put straight into your freezer As with any handling of raw meat, whether it’s for human or animal consumption, good hygiene practices should always be followed. Care should be taken when handling, storing and preparing raw foods. And remember to defrost your Benyfit Natural raw dog food on the bottom shelf of your fridge to avoid contamination of other foods.
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