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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to answer any questions or queries you may have to help you find the perfect raw dog food for your pet.

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Benyfit Natural Questions

What is the difference between Benyfit Natural 80*10*10 and Working Complete?
Our 80*10*10 raw dog food range contains 100% meat and recipes consist of 80% muscle meat, 10% bone and 10% offal. This range is based on the BARF method of feeding. These complete and balanced vegetable-free raw recipes are loved by all dogs but especially good for those suffering from allergies, itchy skin, hotspots, and yeast intolerances, often caused caused by an improper diet. The Working Dog Complete recipes, based on the Prey model, contain an 80% meat and 20% vegetable and botanical mix, a delicious and nutritionally balanced range.
What is the order process for Benyfit Natural raw dog food?
There are two ways of ordering. You can either call us and place a minimum order of 6kg. Or you can sign up to our subscription service and choose your quantity, how often you'd like it delivered and the exact date you'd like your delivery. It's super easy to use and once you're signed up, it's simple to change or update your order. All Benyfit Natural deliveries are made direct to your door, ready for you to pop straight in the freezer.
Where are Benyfit Natural raw dog food meals made?
All our raw dog food recipes are made on site at our East Sussex HQ. The entire manufacture and distribution centre is on the same site. Keeping our operations in close proximity and using suppliers as close to home as possible allows us to minimise food miles and carbon emissions.
What is meat meal and is it in any Benyfit Natural raw dog food meals?
100% of our ingredients are raw. Meat meal does not and will never feature in our recipes. Meat meal is a quite unpleasant animal residue - once every ‘useful’ part of an animal has been used by food manufacturers and other industries, the remaining bits are boiled. They are then dried and ground into a fine powder. Meat meal generally comes from a variety of animals, all mixed together. It is definitely not human-grade and so has no place in Benyfit Natural raw dog food.
What food standard regulations does Benyift Natural follow?
All Benyfit Natural raw dog food recipes meet stringent FEDIAF guidelines, the European Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association. We comply with the Legal Trading Requirement of the APHA (Animal Plant Healthy Agency) which ensures we abide by all EU and UK food safety laws. Our manufacturing process is Defra-approved. Additionally, we adhere to guidelines issued by the PFMA, (Pet Food Manufacturing Association), which were drawn up in conjunction with Defra, the APHA, Public Health England (PHE) and the Food Standards Agency (FSA).
Why does the colour of the food change from batch to batch?
The colour of all our dog food is 100% natural and therefore may alter slightly from meal to meal. It may be more noticeable in our raw dog food recipes that contain chicken, duck or turkey as we use both the lighter coloured meat and the darker, which is found nearer the bone.
Can Benyfit Natural raw dog food be re-frozen?
Your Benyfit Natural order should arrive frozen in our specially insulated boxes. It can be safely refrozen if it has partially defrosted by the time you unpack it. But if it has fully defrosted, keep it in a fridge for up to three days.
What is the Benyfit Natural animal welfare policy?
Animal welfare is one of our top concerns. All our staff have dogs and other pets that we adore and consider part of our families. Just because we use animals in the production of our food doesn’t mean we want these animals to suffer in their lives or in the raw food production process. Our ingredients are ethically sourced and we strive to work with farms who adhere to food standard principles including animal welfare, environmental protection, food safety and traceability.
Which kind of tripe does Benyfit Natural use in the raw dog food recipes?
We use the really smelly kind, green tripe. It is raw and unbleached (unlike the white tripe you may see at the butchers) to retain all its nutritional value, digestive enzymes and good bacteria. And smell. Did we mention the smell? All our tripe is green lamb’s tripe. It is packed full of the essential fatty acids linoleic and linolenic and has a perfectly balanced ratio of calcium to phosphorus. It also has fantastic natural pre- and probiotic qualities, great for getting over an upset tummy or after any sort of operation because it is boneless, which results in less straining.
Are there any preservatives, flavourings or colouring in Benyift Natural raw dog food?
No. Our ingredients are clearly listed on every single meal and are all 100% natural and raw. You may see variations in colour from meal to meal because they are all natural.
Does Benyfit Natural support local farmers and butchers?
Yes. We are huge believers in sourcing locally as much as possible. We are lucky enough to be nestled in the East Sussex countryside, on the border with Kent, and so have access to a number of superb farms and suppliers. And because our production and packaging is handled on site too, Benyfit Natural raw dog food goes from field to freezer in as few miles as possible.
How does Benyfit Natural test raw dog food recipes?
All the meat we use in our recipes is human-grade, meaning it’s good enough quality for human consumption. However, it is raw meat and so we ask real dogs to taste test our recipes. Some dogs will eat just about anything put under their noses and so we have a very discerning panel consisting of Woody the Rhodesian Ridgeback, who is extremely fussy and Ida the Eurasier who will eat almost anything offered to her! If they turn their doggy noses up at any of our recipes, it’s straight back to the drawing board. Nothing hits the production line without their paws of approval.
How is Benyfit Natural raw dog food made?
We have developed ranges of recipes to suit all working dogs on a raw dog food diet. Our in-house developers work with a team that includes a vet, an animal behaviouralist and a canine nutritional specialist. They make sure we meet all your dogs’ mealtime needs with nutritionally balanced, complete and complementary meals. Our recipes are devised with as much care as if we were writing a cookbook for humans (apart from the green tripe, of course). The carefully sourced meat is all human-grade, meaning it is from the part of the animal that we would also eat. Not waste product or by-product of an animal. Our meat suppliers are Defra-approved, so we know they treat their animals well. Any non-meat ingredients, such as vegetables and botanicals, are sought from local suppliers. All our recipes contain 100% raw ingredients. Nothing is cooked, just chopped, minced and packaged. Meals are freshly frozen to keep them in optimum condition until they reach you.
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