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About Benyfit Natural
We started making hand-made raw working dog food for our own dogs at home, food they still eat today. And as dog lovers, we wanted to give them the best complete raw dog food with all the nutrition they need for a healthy life.

About Us

Benyfit Natural has grown from humble beginnings.

It started as a germ of an idea to produce premium raw food for dogs using the same quality ingredients that humans eat – and all natural. The first recipes evolved around a kitchen table and the resulting food was given to friends’ and family dogs. It quickly became apparent that this idea was something special and completely different to other raw dog food available. We saw that the dogs had shinier coats, firmer stools and bundles of energy. This food made dogs even better versions of themselves. So the recipes and process was upsized, advice sought from nutritionists and vets and the best sustainable ingredients sourced. Then the packaged product was shared with the outside world and Benyfit Natural was born.

Benyfit Natural Today.
The Benyfit Natural range now exceeds 20 varieties of frozen, fresh raw dog food. The same values apply today as they did at the start. 100% natural meals, 0% fillers, grains or additives, made from ethically sourced ingredients. All food is frozen at manufacture, allowing the nutrients to be locked in and giving it a longer shelf-life.

We are firmly established in the raw dog feeding world and have affiliations with canine experts, Dr Isla Fishburn, a canine wellness coach, and Inger Andersen, a dog training expert. We consult on all recipes and ideas and know first hand that our food benefits dogs. In 2018, we came under the umbrella of the RPFC Group who also own the Billy + Margot premium dog nutrition brand. RPFC are committed to supporting Benyfit Natural's ethical sourcing as well as our mission to grow and carry on feeding dogs the food they deserve.

Our MD, Greg Van Praagh, became Vice Chairman of the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) in 2019, cementing our role as industry leaders in the raw dog food industry and keeping us at the coalface of industry developments. Benyfit Natural remains in our East Sussex headquarters with on-site manufacturing and in-house quality control processes and we look forward to developing yet more innovative products. 

Our History
Benyfit Natural is almost unrecognisable today from how it started life - a simple idea to make and sell the most nutritious raw dog food and make it available for all dogs in the UK.
Meet the Team
The Benyfit Natural team is just like one big happy family. Every single one of us is dedicated to bringing your dog the best possible, tastiest and most nutritious raw dog food.
Our Ingredients
Have you ever wondered exactly what it is that we put into our delicious and nutritious Benyfit Natural raw dog food that makes it taste so yummy for your woof? Here's our shopping list...

The Benyfit Natural Story

Imagine the scene... tables covered in ingredients, kitchen mixers whirring away, recipes and quantities being scribbled down... and some very interested Labradors, noses pressed up to the back door window, waiting for 'tasting time'.

The person with this idea is Ben Van Praagh, our founder.
After a successful career in business, Ben wanted a change - and trained as a chef. But pretty soon his other passion - for dog breeding and training working dogs - prompted some fresh ideas.

"I got chatting with a friend who was enthusiastic about raw food diets for dogs," says Ben.

"It made perfect sense. In the wild, dogs eat all sorts of raw meat and bone, as well as grazing on plants and vegetables. They don't go cooking up 'turkey and bacon risottos' for themselves - or make little dried pellets that all taste the same. But we give them this kind of food which can actually be full of carbs and entirely wrong for their digestive systems, causing health problems and obesity."

Ben looked at all the 'raw' and 'complete' products available but found they all missed the mark. Put simply, they just weren't good enough for his Labradors.

So Ben began carrying out research, asking experts, creating recipes and changing the diet of his dogs. Suddenly, they looked fitter, happier and started performing much better at competitions!

Friends noticed too - and the orders started to flood in.
Ben started making our food designed for working dogs in batches and freezing packs. But demand grew and grew. So Benyfit Natural was formed in 2014, making working dog food. Ben was joined by son Greg and a team of talented people with energy, ideas and a passion for natural raw dog food.

So much has happened since then - and there are lots of exciting developments coming soon!

Why not try your dog on Benyfit Natural? Visit our shop and see what's available.

Our Expert Panel

We take our mission of creating the best possible raw dog food very seriously. We don’t just put ingredients together that we think will taste good. We seek the advice and tap into the experience of our trusted expert panel.

Meet the Team

Every time you place an order and receive a delivery of your dog’s favourite Benyfit Natural raw dog food, several of these wonderful people will have been involved. Meet our fab team!

The Benefits of Raw Feeding

We could tell you about the benefits of raw feeding until the cows come home – or the dogs, at least. Read on to find out why feeding your favourite four-legged friend with raw dog food is the best possible choice you can make.

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