3 Easy Steps to a raw dog food diet

Switching to a natural, raw dog food diet for your dog is easy with Benyfit Natural. We supply frozen working dog food direct to your door so it is simpler to store and serve.

  1. Calculate their portion size
    Use the Portion Calculator to find out how much food your dog should eat per day to help order just right amount.
  1. Choose from our online store
    We've got recipes to suit puppy, adult and senior dogs, special recipes for dogs with health issues, treats and meaty bones and chunks for chewing
  1. Choose your delivery day
    Just choose a delivery slot to suit you and order by 2pm for a speedy, next-day delivery*.
    * Orders placed between anytime from 2pm on a Thursday to 2pm Monday will be delivered on the Tuesday.

Just store, thaw and serve

Our raw working dog food is frozen so all you have to do is thaw (around 12-24 hours) and serve. Once thawed it will stay in the fridge for up to 4 days.  6kg takes is about 1 basket-full in a freezer.

Contact us if you would like more help or ask a question.


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