The Benefits of Raw Feeding

On the move! Photo - Flora Wilson


Back in October, Baloo started to go off his food. He was fed on a fantastic combination of Simpsons Premium Salmon & Potato and Forthglade, but he had taken to picking the Forthglade off and leaving most of the biscuit! It wasn’t anything medical or anything to worry about – he was just bored…and who could blame him really, the same old thing everyday must get a bit dull!

I had been thinking about raw for a while, as I follow a very natural lifestyle with B – no chemicals, no vaccinations, and so it seemed a sensible route to follow. After returning from honeymoon I took the plunge and started to look at brands and consider what I wanted to try out. I knew I wanted to try a complete, as I just don’t have the time to do D.I.Y, and the idea of just portioning it out and knowing it’s balanced, is fantastic.

I stumbled upon Benyfit Natural whilst B and I were visiting out friends pet shop – Redpaw Pet Supplies. Their rep was visiting to talk all about their food, and he was such a lovely friendly man and offered to let B try some food. Of course, B was very excited, he always is with food! Well, we were very impressed! Other raw food brands we had tried had been a little bit sloppy- but the texture of Benyfit is just perfect. Not as sloppy as another brand we used to buy, but not too chunky that it won’t fit in his slow feeder bowl (which is needed, as he LOVES his Benyfit and tries to hoover it down! We were very impressed with the food and couldn’t wait for it to be available at Redpaw.


Before we knew it, Christmas was approaching and Benyfit posted a Christmas competition and we decided to enter. To our surprise, B won 3rd place and 6kg of Benyfit arrived at our door! I can honestly say just within a few days I started to notice a difference, his coat was improving and he was sooo excited for dinnertime. Others obviously noticed the benefits too – as he had a super successful day at Taunton DCA Open Show – winning Best of Breed, 4th in Graduate Stakes, 1st in Open Stakes and 1st in Good Citizen Stakes. Wow!

I would thoroughly recommend Benyfit to anyone looking to raw feed, or anyone who already does – it is honestly the best raw food we have tried, and their range of treats are fantastic too! They do a range of flavours, including some with veg and some without. We are so impressed with them and can’t wait for future Benyfit fuelled success! This won’t be the last we write about Benyfit this year – we will certainly be posting more!

Baloo says "I iz too busy scoffin’ mah Benyfit dinner to write today -its mah fave, the Meat Feast! Yum! But I haz just popped in to say that it is mah fave food ever and it makes me look so handsome! It’s so yummy and full of good fings to make me look and feel my best!" 



Showing off my prizes – Thanks Benyfit for making me look and feel amazin’!

If this dog food is something you feel your dog may benefit from or you'd like to give it a try, go to 

Thanks to Redpaw Pet Supplies for your support!

Written by Jaycee Vaughan

Ben Van Praagh
Ben Van Praagh


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